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This method was developed by Dr. Georgi Lazanov and is basically (very basically, this is all pretty new for me) on a teaching approach that seems to throw the traditional, grammar based - left brain approach out the window, and advocates a holistic, right brain approach. I won't try to describe the method in this feature. This approach is new for me (although I did write a short feature a while back based on some of its principles). I would prefer to lead you to some introductory articles on the Net discussing this technique as it is quite novel (at least for me) and, I think, has quite a lot of potential.
To start off let's take a look at this introduction to using this technique in second language acquisition.
Libyan Labiosa Cassone is President of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching, and in this interview gives quite a detailed overview of how the teaching method works. This method can be employed for any type of learning. For more information regarding the various applications of this technique take a look at the following
Finally, here is an article that discusses the use of suggestopedia in a classroom environment and more specifically in a language teaching environment:

I find myself quite attracted to this method as it seems to reflect my own experiences with language learning. While learning German and Italian my best learning always seemed to take place while immersing myself in tasks that were less analytical and caused my brain to work on the language as an entire unit rather than in bits and pieces. Of course, I'm speaking about the experience of living in the country where one doesn't have the time to analyze everything and therefore, begins to absorb and learn on a completely different level.
The only reservation that I have about this technique is that the people I have come in contact with who use this approach tend to be rather fanatic about its being the "only way". While conviction can be quite persuading, I find it difficult to throw everything overboard.

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