Sukhmandir Khalsa

Sukhmandir Kaur is president of the Dharam Khand Sikh Academy. Her introduction to Sikhism took place in 1978. An Amritdhari Sikh since 1993, she is a dedicated servant of the Khalsa Panth.


In the spirit of selfless service, Sukhmandir Kaur has been writing anonymously online since 1996. She moderates NaamNet, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Gurmat Learning Zone, a site with an international membership of nearly 10,000. She has been a community leader since 2001, for a series of iVillage message boards, whose focus is creative writing. Sukhmandir Kaur has been with since 2008 and has written hundreds of articles on various topics relating to Sikhism.

A wife, mother and grandmother, she enjoys smaghams, gurmat camps, performing and singing kirtan, and participating in langar seva. She has created more than half a dozen websites, including the Naamnet Daily Flyer, serving as editor-in-chief for a team of authors and illustrators. A poet, she is also the author of countless short stories, has co-authored and edited publications and inspirational books on the subjects of gurmat and naam simran. These include Warriors in Name, and the online books, From the Heart and Prem dhey Theer.

Sukhmandir Khalsa

The flower of Gurbani exudes sweetness beyond compare. Rooted in the physical world, its essence has the ability to uplift one to the heights of spiritual awareness. In my quest to offer practical knowledge about the methods of the Sikh way of worship, I humbly point you to the ultimate guide, Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

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