The Summer Before Your First Year of Law School

Seven Things You Should Do to Prepare

Crafting a great personal statement is key when applying to law schools.
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You did it! You got into law school and chose the best one for you. Your first year of law school will begin before you know it, so you want to be prepared as possible before you crack that first book.  Here are seven things you can do during the summer before you begin your first year of law school to make sure you're ready.

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Move In

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Make sure you’re physically set up in your apartment or wherever you will be living well before classes start. If you’re staying in university housing, move in on the first possible day and get your things organized as quickly as possible. Moving in early can also help you get used to your new surroundings, including bus and/or subway schedules, store locations, etc. Setting up your living space in a way that suits you best is a crucial step in getting ready for law school! You will be living here, so make sure you love it!  More »

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Get a Good Laptop

If you don’t already have one or have an outdated model, the time to get a new laptop is the summer before law school. Leave yourself plenty of time to get used to using the laptop so you’re not learning as you go come August—you’ll be trying to conquer plenty of other new things over the next year. Read our article on choosing the best tech for law school here! It has everything you need to know to make the best purchase.    

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Stock Up On Law School Supplies

Your personal study habits will dictate a lot of what school supplies you will need, but be sure to check out the Checklist of Law School Supplies to make sure you have it covered before you begin classes. You might want to try new ways to study that require supplies you don’t usually buy. Even more reason to read our post!

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Buy Your Books and Study Aids

One of the best ways to save money as a law student is to get a list of materials you will need for the upcoming semester and buy your books and study aids online well in advance. Fair warning: these books are expensive. For that reason, we have put together a list of the best online sources for discount textbooks and more! Check it out here and save money!

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By “read” I do not mean your textbooks! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that over the next three years. Instead, the summer before your first year of law school, you should read what you enjoy, especially if you’re a voracious reader by nature, as you’ll find you won’t have nearly as much time--if any--for pleasure reading once you begin classes. 

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Have Fun

Considering you are about to start a very challenging but rewarding three years, you should definitely take this opportunity to relax! Whether it is planning an elaborate adventure with friends or just a short road trip, go out, have fun, and enjoy yourself. You will just get busier in law school, so take some guilt-free time off while you can! Also, take this time to develop healthy habits like a sound diet and workout plan. 

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Enjoy Family and Friends

Take this summer to spend some quality time with the people you care about. It will be more difficult to see them when you are in law school, even if you are going to school close to home. Since your social life will probably become dominated by your law school friends, develop your other friendships so they won’t go fall through the cracks while you are away at law school! One idea to get all your friends and family together in one place? Throw yourself a going away party!