Summer Printables

Summer Printables
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What do you think of when you hear the word summer? Camp outs? Swimming? A beach vacation?

Stir-crazy kids looking for something to do?

This collection of summer-themed printables is perfect for kids on summer break from public school, homeschool, or private school who need something fun and slightly educational to do. They also provide a low-key, educational activity for families who homeschool year round with a more relaxed summer schedule.

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How to Use Summer Printables

Use the printables as part of an educational summer plan designed to prevent brain drain or to entertain the kids on a car ride to an educational family vacation destination (or even a not-so-educational one!). They're also perfect for rainy-day indoor fun.

Summer Activity Ideas

If you're looking for other fun summer ideas, try these:

Don't feel that you need to be your children's entertainment coordinator during the summer months. No matter where they attend school during the school year, you can alleviate boredom and encourage creativity during the summer (and all year long!) by creating a learning-rich environment. Keep creative play items handy and easily accessible, and make art and craft supplies available.

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Summer Vocabulary

Summer 4

Click here to print the Summer Vocabulary Sheet

Most kids won't need a dictionary to define the summer-themed words on this just-for-fun vocabulary sheet. In this activity, they'll write each word from the word bank on the blank line next to its correct definition. 

If they need help with a few words, teach them how to use the process of elimination by defining the words they do know. Then, brainstorm the rest together or use the dictionary or Internet to define them.

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Summer Wordsearch

Summer 5

Click here to print the Summer Word Search

All kids need is a pencil to complete this fun summer printable puzzle. Each summer-related word from the word bank can be found among the jumbled letters in the word find.

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Summer Crossword Puzzle

Summer 3

Click here to print the Summer Crossword Puzzle

See if your kids can complete this crossword puzzle correctly. Each clue corresponds to a summer-themed word from the word bank. Fill in the puzzle based on the clues provided.

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Summer Challenge

Summer 2

Click here to print the Summer Challenge

Let your kids take this Summer Challenge by choosing the correct term for each definition from among the four possible multiple choice answers.

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Summer Alphabet Activity

Summer 1

Click here to print the Summer Alphabet Activity

If you have a child who has recently learned to alphabetize, don't let those skills slide this summer. Let your child practice with fun, summery words. Children should write each word from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Summer Visor Craft

Summer 6

Click here to print the Summer Visor Page

Make a simple summer sun visor. For best results, print on card stock. Children can cut the visor out along the solid line. Use to hole punch to cut out the holes for the string. Tie elastic string to visor, using enough to create a snug fit for your child's head.

Alternately, you can use yarn or non-elastic string. Use two pieces, tying one end of each through each hole. Tie the other ends together in the back to fit your child's head.

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At the Beach Word Search

Print the pdf: At the Beach Word Search

Whether you're headed to the beach or just daydreaming about it, kids will enjoy this word search puzzle featuring items you can find at the beach. Each beach-themed word from the word bank can be found among the jumbled letters in the puzzle.

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Playing at the Beach Coloring Page

Summer Beach Coloring Page
Summer Beach Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Click here to print the Playing at the Beach Coloring Page

One can see a wide variety of bathing suit styles and colors at the beach. Print this coloring page so that your kids can learn a bit about the history of the one-piece bathing suit. 

Provide crayons or colored pencils and a writing surface to turn this into a quiet travel activity.

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