Summer School Tips

A Survival Guide for Students

Teenagers in school
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Summer school provides students with the opportunity to earn course credit outside the normal school schedule. Whether that means catching up on some essential credits or just hoping to get a head start on college work, students should be prepared before jumping in.

If you’re thinking summer school brings more of the same old routine, you may be in for a surprise. Classes are condensed during the summer term, which means you’ll be covering a lot more information every day.

These survival tips should help you make the most of your summer study time.

Make New Friends

Because of budget issues, summer school classes are not always offered at every school in a district, so your home school may not hold the classes you need.

Classes are often spread around a city or a county to save the district a little money, which means you might find yourself taking classes at a different school—and even a rival school!

Your best bet is to turn this into an opportunity to make new friends. Don’t go in with an attitude. You simply can’t afford to get distracted.

Review Previous Course Notes First

If you find yourself repeating a course in the summer term, be sure to read over your old course notes before and during your summer study. You’ll be surprised how much more quickly the information sinks in when you cover it a second time.

Take Good Notes

Since classes are condensed you’ll be going through information much more quickly Review some tips on establishing good note-taking skills.

Don't Procrastinate 

The class will move quickly, so you don't have time to put off any assignments. Get started on papers and reading assignments as soon as you know about them.

Get Good Rest

It can be much more difficult to get to sleep at night during the summer months when daylight lasts long into the evening. Explore these sleep solutions, like a dark shade for your windows, to ensure that you get plenty of sleep.

Eat Healthy

Hot muggy days can make you sluggish. You can battle those feelings by eating lighter meals that include fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid heavy, high-calorie breakfast foods like donuts and pancakes.

Don't Skip Classes

Good attendance is critical in accelerated programs like summer school terms. Missing a single day of summer school can be the same as missing two straight weeks of regular school! Don’t miss any classes (if possible) and be extra careful to get to school on time every day.