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Interesting healing experience
...I'm not usually empathic--that is, I don't take on anybody's symptoms.

But earlier today, I was asked by a friend who's been ill for some time (and too proud to ask) if I could help him find a little relief. In minutes I had his exact symptoms! Yikes! So I went to work on it right away, and it looks like he's doing quite a bit better and I'm just fine. I'm thinking the reason this all happened is because I really cared about the outcome. He's one of my dearest friends, and I'd do anything at all to help him out... - Desert Light

Taking on others' illnesses
I have recently realized I can feel other people's physical states at will, including their ailments if they are suffering. Is there anything I can do with this, such as help people through healing? I am not sure what this ability is, so I would much appreciate if anyone could tell me what you know. - Loud Birdie

An Empath Online
My online experience as an empath has been very disconcerting at times. I have been frequenting cam chat programs.

I find that when I am able to see a person's face along with their verbal message I connect very deeply with them. I didn't understand this phenomenon until I read Kyra Mesisch's book, The Sensitive Person's Survival guide. I am amazed at how I understand their issues from even a few brief messages They often ask how I can read their minds.

I find myself reaching out to them to heal their hurts and their pain. I am a healer caretaker. The down side of this is that I leave myself wide opened and I feel responsible for their feelings and their needs. I have tried staying away from these programs but I am drawn back by the lure of intimacy that occurs between me and the individuals that I connect with... - Running White Wolf

Psychic Protection
I was wondering if anyone out there has any advice on psychically protecting oneself from negative energies entering the energy field. I work in the sales field and I come into contact with many different energies. (Some that aren't too pleasant!) I have done chakra exercises, worn different types of crystals, tried different meditation techniques, and even tried color therapy. I know that in order to attract positive energy one must be in a good state of mind mentally. However, its sometimes impossible to keep that focus with the hassles of everyday living. - Carrie

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