Suzanne Barbezat

Suzanne Barbezat
Suzanne Barbezat: author, Mexico expert, tour guide.



McGill University


Suzanne has lived in Mexico since 1998 and is licensed as a tour guide by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism.

She has been a freelance writer and contributor since 2006.

Suzanne is the author of Frida Kahlo at Home, a book about the life and art of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. 


Suzanne Barbezat is a writer specializing in Mexico travel, culture, and food. She is based in Oaxaca, Mexico and has traveled extensively throughout the country. Her work has also been published on, SpanglishBaby, and The Latin Kitchen, among others. Suzanne is also a licensed tour guide in Mexico, and she and her husband offer tourist excursions through their company Discover Oaxaca Tours.

Suzanne spends her free time discovering off the beaten path locales throughout Mexico with her Mexican husband and their two children. Whether exploring little-known archaeological sites, foraging for mushrooms high in the mountains, snorkeling along the coast, or attending fiestas in small towns, there’s nothing she enjoys more than getting to know the country better and sharing her love for it with others. 


Suzanne holds a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and speaks Spanish fluently. 

She is the author of Frida Kahlo at Home, a book that explores the influence of Mexican culture and tradition, La Casa Azul, and other places Frida Kahlo called home, on her life and work.

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