Favorite Swim Team T-shirt Sayings

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Swimmers and swim t-shirts. Hard to have one without the other. I can remember seeing hundreds of different swimming t-shirt slogans at any one swim meet. Unlike other sports where the team uniform is obvious, the swimming t-shirt is the uniform. This uniform can build cohesiveness and motivate a team. 

I remember as a young swimmer, one of the best roles as a high school team captain was to design our conference t-shirt.

The other captains and myself were extremely motivated regarding the design and the event.

Do you have a favorite slogan or t-shirt saying?

A few of the many collected so far:

  • I may have come from the sea, but I live in the water
  • Swimming is as easy as H20
  • Wanna turn heads? Make waves.
  • Have googles, will travel
  • Zen saying: Be the fish
  • I SWIM, therefore I am
  • Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. Swim.
  • if swimming were easy… it would be called football.
  • Swimming, it does a body good.
  • Real athletes swim - the rest just play games
  • Chlorine, the breakfast of champions
  • So much water... so little time...
  • H2O = 2 parts heart, one part obsession
  • No, we're not on steroids, but thanks for asking.
  • It's not a real day if you haven't watched the sun rise from the swimming pool.
  • No one ever got stronger by working less
  • It's not pain, it's exercise induced discomfort
  • soreness = success
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    Dr. John Mullen on February 29th 2016