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Swimming is a physical activity, which anyone can enjoy at any time of the year provided an indoor pool is available or outside temperatures are mild. Swimming increases flexibility, burns calories, improves posture and coordination and gives you a whole-body workout. With a great need for students to be active and stay physically fit, swimming provides a readily available option. Motivate students to think about this healthy sport with these free printables, including this fun word search.

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Vocabulary - The Crawl

vocabulary worksheet

The crawl is a stroke made in the prone position characterized by alternate overarm movements and a continuous up-and-down kick, description students will need to know to fill out this vocabulary worksheet. Doing a crawl is also known as swimming freestyle, and it's a basic stroke that almost anyone who is comfortable in the water can learn.

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Crossword Puzzle - The Butterfly

crossword puzzle

Think fast: What's a stroke made in the prone position in which both hands move simultaneously forward, outward and rearward from in front of the chest as the legs move in a frog-like manner? If your students answered the butterfly, they are ready to complete this crossword puzzle. If they struggled a bit, review the swimming terms from slide No. 1 before having them complete the worksheet.

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Swimming Challenge

swimming challenge sheet

If your students paid attention to the information you provided from slide No. 2, they will know the answer to this one: "An event where the swimmers may use any stroke they choose, which typically is the crawl." If they answered "freestyle," they are ready to complete this challenge worksheet.

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Swimming Alphabet Activity

alphabet activity

Before you have students fill out this alphabet activity, where they have to place their swimming words in the correct order, review all of the terms with them. Extra credit: Once students have completed the worksheet, collect them, and then give a pop quiz, having students write the swimming words as you say them. 

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