Symbolism - Boxes and Three Dimensional Forms

balancing boxes

Doodles of Boxes and Perspective Forms:

Perspective drawing is quite an advanced stage in artistic development, and is a very satisfying creative outlet – simple 3-D boxes often hark back to our last experience of artistic training (technical drawing in highschool). But the creation of a simple three-dimensional illusion indicates a progression of thinking from flat symbolic outline to representational form.


3-D boxes indicate an ordered mind and love of routine. These are often drawn by people with a good sense of spatial relationships, as not everone can easily visualize a three-dimensional form from a few lines. A stack of balanced boxes might indicate stress - especially if the stack is at risk of toppling!

Outside Influences:

Artists, designers, and others who use technical drawing or geometry are often interested in three-dimensional drawing and enjoy experimenting with its forms. Drawing these shapes may be motivated by a requirement to experiment with design, or an experience of interesting three-dimensional illusions, such as in an Escher drawing or video clip.

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