Canadian T4 Tax Slips

T4 Tax Slips for Employment Income for Canadian Income Tax Returns

Calculating Employment Income. Tom Merton / Caiaimage / Getty Images

Employers prepare and issue the Canadian T4 tax slip or Statement of Remuneration Paid to each employee to tell him and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) how much he earned from employment during a tax year. It also shows the amount of income tax that was deducted from his pay. Employment income includes salary, bonuses, vacation pay, tips, honorariums, commissions, taxable allowances, the value of taxable benefits and payment in lieu of notice.

You'll typically receive three copies of a T4 tax slip – one to attach to your Canadian federal tax return, one to attach to your provincial or territory tax return, and one to keep for your own records. You'll also probably receive more than one T4 tax slip if you had more than one job.

The Deadline for T4 Tax Slips

T4 tax slips must be issued by the last day of February in the year after the calendar year to which they apply. For example, you should receive your T4 tax slip for 2017 earnings by February 28, 2018. 

A Sample T4 Tax Slip

This sample T4 tax slip from the CRA shows what a T4 looks like. Click on the box or line number below the sample slip for more information on what is included in each box and what to do with that information when you're filing your income tax return, 

The back of the T4 slip also explains each item on the T4 tax slip, including which items to report on your income tax return and where, and which items are for Canada Revenue Agency use only.

Filing T4 Tax Slips With Your Income Tax Return

Include copies of each of T4 tax slip you receive when you file a paper income tax return. If you file your tax return electronically using NETFILE or EFILE, keep copies of your T4 tax slips with your records for six years just in case the CRA asks to see them.

Missing T4 Tax Slips

If you haven't received a T4 slip, file your income tax return by the deadline anyway to avoid penalties for filing your taxes late. Calculate the income and any related deductions and credits you can claim as closely as possible based on the information you do have. Include copies of any statements and employment stubs you used when calculating your income and deductions, as well as a note with your employer's name and address, the type of income you received, and what steps you've taken to get a copy of the missing T4 slip.

You're required to ask your employer for a copy before filing your return, so allow time to do this first and time for your employer to get it to you. Tax returns are due to the CRA no later than April 30 unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday. In this case, you have until the next business day. 

If you need a T4 slip for a previous tax year, try looking in the My Account service or calling the CRA at 800-959-8281.

Other T4 Tax Information Slips

Other T4 tax information slips include:

  • T4A: Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income
  • T4A(OAS): Statement of Old Age Security
  • T4A(P): Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • T4E: Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits
  • T4RIF: Statement of Income From a Registered Retirement Income Fund
  • T4RSP: Statement of RRSP Income