Tag Paper

Tag is the card stock used for file folders

Detail of files on shelves
Paul Hudson / Getty Images

Tag paper is a stiff utility grade of card stock that is strong and durable. Tag can stand up to frequent handling and bending and is tear-resistant. It is typically used for hanging tags such as store tags on consumer products and clothing. Tag is a reliable house card stock at many commercial printing companies. It takes ink well and is less expensive than other card stocks. It is similar to index in appearance and usage.

Uses for Tag

In addition to garment and product tags, tag card stock is frequently used when printing the following:

  • Table tents
  • File folders
  • Business reply cards
  • Door hang tags
  • Tabs and divider pages
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Sales book wraps
  • Time cards

Choosing Tag for a Print Project

Tag carried by commercial printers is usually either white or manilla. It has a hard smooth finish and is stiff. A manila file folder is a familiar example of a product made from tag card stock. Tag is available in 100 lb., 125 lb. and 150 lb. weights. These weights are determined by weighing 500 sheets of tag in its basic size of 24 inches by 36 inches. Use the lightest weight for direct mail purposes to save on postage or for brochures that must fold cleanly. Use the 125 lb. weight for file folders and the 150 lb. weight for heavy-weight print projects.

If your design folds, the tag will likely need to be scored before it can be folded cleanly, which can add to the printing cost.

Tag stands up well to die cutting and scoring.