Tales of the Ouija

True stories of Ouija board experiences, remarkable and terrifying.
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Sometimes it seems like a helpful tool, and other times it appears to be a gateway to more troubling and even sinister entities. Here are several true stories from Ouija users... just like you. More »

Readers share their chilling experiences with the infamous "talking board" and how it has forever affected their lives. More »

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Tales of the Ouija - Part 3

Is the Ouija just a toy... or a device that can open windows to a dark, shadowy world? Before you place your fingers on that plastic planchette, you may want to read these five stories.
Strong personalities, accurate predictions, strange apparitions and a host of other unnerving phenomena manifest when these ordinary people dare to place their fingers on the talking Ouija board. More »
Can this simple little "game" open doors to the unknown? More »
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Tales of the Ouija - Part 6

Mystifying and sometimes terrifying experiences.
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Tales of the Ouija - 7

Turn off the lights, light some candles, place your fingers on the Ouija's planchette, and ask your question. Will it spell a response that will frighten you to your core? For some Halloween-time scares, consider these all-new, true Ouija stories.

Whether you believe that the Ouija board is a dangerous object that can open portals to negative forces or that it merely reflects the many fears and desires that lie in our subconscious, the stories of people’s experiences with the board are fascinating. I suspect that many of the tales we hear, including the ones that follow, might be exaggerated or at least colored for effect, yet we’re willing to consider them since the authors have sworn that they are true. More »

Experiences with the Ouija board are among the scariest and most fascinating and controversial stories we receive from readers. Here is a collection of true tales of dark shadows, predictions and unexplained phenomena from Ouija séances. More »

Out of the store-bought box, it's just a cookie-sheet-sized of fiberboard with a pasted-on design of letters, numbers and symbols, and a heart-shaped piece of plastic. When users of the Ouija touch their fingers to it and begin asking questions, however, almost anything can happen. More »

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Tales of the Ouija - 11

What would Halloween be without some scary Ouija stories? We have 'em -- an all-new batch of Ouija paranormal activity, predictions and frights that might make you think twice about using the spirit board. (And see the last page for a special bonus!)

Those who experiment with the Ouija board usually are either just looking for some entertainment or are seeking genuine answers to questions or issues important to their lives. Sometimes the responses that they get, however, are unexpected. And sometimes unwanted. More »
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Tales of the Ouija - 13

Here is Volume 13 in our series of true experiences with the Ouija board that the authors say are true. And if there's a common theme among most of them it's: Don't mess around the with Ouija -- it's too scary and/or dangerous.

There are perhaps no other categories of true paranormal stories that readers find scarier than experiences with the Ouija board. Let’s face it: It has a frightening reputation, whether you believe the stories or not. More »

Volume 15 in our series of experiences with the mysterious Ouija board that the authors claim are absolutely true. Tales of freak-outs, warnings of the future, possession, evil spirits, and even contact with the great William Shakespeare. More »