Idioms and Expressions for the Verb Talk

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'Talk' is a common verb in English which can also be used as a noun. 'Talk' is also used in a wide variety of idiomatic expressions. Listed below you will find an idiom or expression with 'talk' with a definition and two example sentences to help to understand through context.

Big Talk

Definition: (noun) exaggerated claims

He's full of big talk, but he rarely does what he claims.
Is that just big talk, or do you think it's actually true?

Give Someone a Talking to

Definition: (verbal phrase) speak strongly to someone, berate someone

She gave her daughter a talking to after she got home after midnight.
Come in this room! You need a talking to!

Heart-to-heart Talk

Definition: (noun) serious discussion

Jane and I had a great heart-to-heart talk last weekend. Now I understand her.
Have you had a heart-to-heart talk with your wife yet?

Jive Talk

Definition: (noun) something stated that is obviously not true

Come on Tim! That's just jive talk.
Stop the jive talk and tell me something interesting.

Money Talks

Definition: (idiomatic phrase) the most important thing is money

Don't forget that money talks, so everything else doesn't matter.
In the end money talks so your business needs to be profitable as soon as possible.

Pep Talk

Definition: (noun) a short discussion intended to motivate someone

The coach gave the players a pep talk during halftime.
My wife gave me a pep talk to help me with my job interview.

Straight Talk

Definition: (noun) a discussion that is completely honest, often discussing difficult issues

Tom gave me straight talk at the meeting which I appreciated greatly.
I'd like to hear some straight talk on the investment opportunities.

Talk a Blue Streak

Definition: (verbal phrase) speak quickly and at length

Maria talked a blue streak at the party. It was hard to say anything.
Be careful when speaking with Tom, he talks a blue streak.

Talk Big

Definition: (verb) make large claims and boasts

Take everything he says with a grain of salt. He talks big.
You're talking big today. Could you please be a bit more realistic?

Talking Head

Definition: (noun) expert on television

The talking heads feel the economy is going to improve.
They hired a talking head to represent them on TV talk shows.

Talk Like Nut

Definition: (verbal phrase) say things that make little sense

Don't talk like a nut! That's crazy.
She's talking like a nut. Don't believe a word she says.

Talk On the Big White Phone

Definition: (verbal phrase) to vomit into the toilet

Doug drank too much so he's talking on the big white phone.
She's in the bathroom talking on the big white phone.

Talk Through One's Hat

Definition: (verbal phrase) speak carelessly and tell lies

He's talking through his hat. Don't believe a word he says.
Unfortunately, Jane often talks through her hat, so you can't believe anything.

Talk to Hear One's Own Voice

Definition: (verb phrase) speak in order to hear oneself, find joy in speaking too much

Henry talks to hear his own voice. It gets boring after a while.
He lost a few of his friends because he talks to hear his own voice.

Talk Turkey

Definition: (verbal phrase) talk serious business, talk frankly

It's time to talk turkey about the business.
Peter, we need to talk turkey.

Talk Until You Are Blue In the Face

Definition: (verbal phrase) speak at length without influencing others

There's no need to try to convince her. You'll just talk until you are blue in the face.
I talked until I was blue in the face, but it didn't help.
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