Talking about Vacations In English

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Talking about vacations in English is of the most common topics in a classroom, and why not? Who doesn't like to take vacations? Discussing vacations provides students with the opportunity to use travel-related vocabulary, as well as a theme that all students enjoy. This conversation lesson provides a survey that students use to choose a dream vacation for their fellow students and is sure to encourage lots of conversation.


Encouraging conversation about vacations to practice travel-related vocabulary.


Student survey followed by a choice of dream vacation based on student input.


Intermediate to advanced


  1. Introduce the topic of vacations by telling about one of your favorite vacations.
  2. Ask students to come up with different types of vacation activities and write these on the board.
  3. If necessary or helpful, review vocabulary about travel.
  4. Give each student a vacation survey and have them pair up to interview each other.
  5. Once they've interviewed each other, have students choose a dream vacation for their partner. This exercise can be repeated numerous times with different partners.
  6. As a class, ask each student which vacation they chose for their partner and why. 
  7. As a follow-up exercise, students can write a short essay by choosing a dream vacation and explaining the choice.

Vacation Survey

Which sentence best describes your feelings towards vacations? Why?

  1. My idea of a good vacation is staying at home.
  2. My idea of a good vacation is to visit a number of important cities and explore the culture.
  3. My idea of a good vacation is to travel to an exotic beach in a foreign country and then relax for two weeks.
  4. My idea of a good vacation is to put on my backpack and disappear into the hills for a few weeks.

Which type of travel do you think you would like the best? Why?

  1. A long road trip in the car.
  2. A twelve-hour flight to a foreign country.
  3. A train ride across the country.
  4. A luxury cruise through the Mediterranean. 

How often do you take short trips (two or three days)?

  1. I take a short trip at least once a month.
  2. I take short trips a few times a year.
  3. I take a short trip once a year.
  4. I never take short trips.

If you had the chance, would you ...

  1. ... take a week trip to an exciting city.
  2. ... spend a week at a meditation retreat.
  3. ... visit family that you haven't seen for a long time.
  4. ... go white water rafting for a week.

Who do you prefer to take vacations with? Why? 

  1. I prefer taking vacations with my close family.
  2. I prefer taking vacations with my extended family.
  3. I prefer taking vacations by myself.
  4. I prefer taking vacations with a good friend.

What type of vacation activity sounds like the most fun? Why?

  1. Lying on the beach
  2. Hanging out at a nightclub
  3. Visiting a museum
  4. Skiing down a mountain 

How important is eating well to you when you are on vacation?

  1. It's the most important thing!
  2. It's important, but not for every meal.
  3. A good meal is nice, but not that important.
  4. Just give me food, so I can keep going!

What type of accommodations do you prefer on vacation? 

  1. I'd like a luxury suite, please. 
  2. I'd prefer something close to the beach.
  3. I need a clean room, but it should be economical.
  4. I'd prefer a tent and my sleeping bag. 

Dream Vacations

  • Dream Vacation I: Touring the Capitals of Europe: On this two-week vacation, you'll visit the capitals of Europe including Vienna, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and London. This inclusive vacation includes tickets to a concert, play or opera in each capital, as well as tours of castles, national monuments as well as the most important museums such as The Louvre.​
  • Dream Vacation II: Hanging on the Beach in Hawaii: Two weeks of sun and fun on the beach on Hawaii's dream island of Maui. You'll have a deluxe room at one of Maui's finest hotels directly on the beach. This vacation includes fine dining at some of Maui's best restaurants. During your stay, you can take scuba diving lessons, go snorkeling with thousands of tropical fish, or go whale watching in the bay. It's a dream come true!
  • Dream Vacation III: Hiking the Peruvian Andes: Do you need to get away from it all? If so, this is the vacation for you. You'll be flown into Lima, Peru and taken into the Andes for a two-week backpacking adventure of a lifetime. We've arranged experienced local guides to accompany you on your journey into the magnificent and mystical landscape. 
  • Dream Vacation IV: New York Party Time!: The Big Apple! Need I say more?! You'll enjoy two weeks stay in a luxury suite in Central Park. You'll need to relax because you'll be out enjoying the New York nightlife until early in the morning. This all expenses paid vacation includes dinner at some of the most exclusive restaurants in New York, and on-call car service at any time. Experience New York at its finest and most exciting. 
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