Definitions of the Word "Tampon" in French

A stopper in a wine bottle

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In French, the word tampon can have several different meanings. It can mean stopper, plug, wad, swab, tampon (menstrual product), stamp, or buffer.

Examples Using Tampon

Je vais boucher cette voie d'eau avec un tampon de bois (I'm going to plug this leak with a wooden stopper.)

Il a besoin d'un tampon pour vernir la table (He needs a pad to varnish the table.)

Je n'aime pas les tampons ; je préfère les serviettes hygiéniques (I don't like tampons; I prefer sanitary napkins.)

Elle sert de tampon entre les gens qui disputent (She serves as a buffer between people who are disputing.)

C'est une zone tampon (It's a buffer zone.)

Note that tampon is a semi-false cognate in English, in which it has only one meaning.

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