Tarot Deck Reviews

There are hundreds of Tarot decks out there available for you to choose from. No matter what you're interested in, from baseball to cats, from your favorite novels to zombies, there's a deck out there for you! Be sure to read our reviews of some of our favorite decks, if you're having trouble making a decision!

Pirate Tarot
The Tarot of the Pirates isn't for everyone, but it can be a fun deck to work with. Image by Patti Wigington

Are you a fan of swashbuckling adventure, pirate lore, and danger on the high seas? If you enjoy any of these, be sure to check out our review of the Tarot of the Pirates, available from Llewellyn/Lo Scarabeo. More »

Whimsical Tarot
Photo by Patti Wigington, Cards by US Games

If you enjoy fairy tales, the Whimsical Tarot is definitely one you'll want to check out - from the dashing Puss in Boots as the Magician to Tinkerbell, Little Red Riding Hood, and a host of other fairy tale characters, this gently-drawn deck is a great one for adults and children alike. More »

Robin Wood Tarot
The Robin Wood Tarot is a great deck for beginners and veteran readers alike. Image by Patti Wigington

Robin Wood's fantasy artwork has been a staple of the genre for decades, and now she brings her skill to life in a new medium: Tarot cards. If you enjoy the lush, rich designs of her paintings, you'll want to check out this review of the Robin Wood Tarot Deck. More »

The LOTR Tarot isn't a bad choice for beginning Tarot readers. Cards from Lord of the Rings Tarot, photo by Patti Wigington

Not only is this a good deck for fans of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's also not bad for beginning Tarot readers. The artwork is detailed and full of symbolism, and each card has text on it which indicates what aspect of the human experience is being represented. More »

Jane Austen's novels provide a backdrop for the Jane Austen Tarot Deck. Tarot cards from Jane Austen Tarot by Diane Wilkes, photo by Patti Wigington

This deck is definitely worth buying if you're an Austen fan. The imagery is complex, and to look at the Hanged Man, see Fanny Price of Mansfield Park, and understand exactly what it means is a real treat. However, the Austen imagery is also what could make this deck difficult to use for those unfamiliar with her work. Read our review to find out why. More »

Zombie Tarot
Photo by Patti Wigington, Cards by Quirk Books

Wondering what you'll do for Tarot cards once the zombie apocalypse hits? No worries - Quirk Books presents a deck of cards that will help you plan for all kinds of undead contingencies. Read a review of the Zombie Tarot here! More »

Tarot Reader
What's your favorite Tarot deck?. Image by nullplus/E+/Getty Images

Some time ago, we invited readers to submit their reviews of their favorite Tarot decks. Although that feature is no longer available here on About Paganism & Wicca, the reviews of other readers can come in really handy when you're looking at buying a new deck! Here are nine of the top reviews of a wide collection of Tarot decks from our readers.

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