Taunted by Shadow People

Deborah was taunted and laughed at by shadow people, and she wonders if it had to do with her husband's depression

I had been living with my husband for several years when they -- the shadow people -- started to show up. I believe my husband was very wide open with regards to the paranormal; maybe too much. That might have been part of his problem. Who knows.

Anyway, I moved in with him in 2000 and we married in 2005.

They first appeared about the time we got married. My husband was the first to see them. He asked me if I had seen them. And, well, yes, I had and said as much to him.

They are very tall -- 6 feet or more. They sometimes seemed to be dancing, looking like Native American Kokopelli. Flat, as if only one dimension. Always black. Some times with eye holes. The most common one at my house wore a top hat and a coat, like something out of a Dickens story.

He laughed at me and haunted by husband. He did us no harm, but just hung out all the time. I could send him away, but he just came back. I told my husband to just ignore him, and he tried. This went on for years. Sometimes there was one, sometimes more. Always on the walls. And the one main shadow man laughed at me as though he knew something I didn't.

I never saw them again after my husband passed on. I do not believe they caused my husband to harm himself.

My husband was very depressed and found it almost impossible to leave our house. Yes, he was under a lot of treatment.

I often wonder if the shadow people were there because of his depression. I have heard about them being seen in bars and other places where people who are depressed tend to be. Maybe that is what attracts them: depression or despondent emotions.

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