Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Earth and Sky

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Taurus and Aquarius might seem odd bedfellows, and they are! But when there's love chemistry, any tensions wedge each other deeper into a fixed bond.

It's a big question of timing here. If Aquarius is ready to drop anchor in a committed relationship, this meets Taurus' need for security. If the flighty, universal lover is able to alight on one flower (Taurus), a match can be made.

The seductive Taurus is the legendary slow hand.

First dates are about being sized up, sussing out the actual, tangible dimensions of the elusive Waterbearer. The Bull likes calm and space without a lot of talking, to take it all in with the senses.

Aquarius on the other hand, is wired for quick exchanges. The Waterbearer senses something heavy and rooted in Taurus. Prone to snap judgments, this alone could make them jittery. Above all, Aquarius wants multi-directional freedom, and gets restless sitting in one place too long.

Taurus might prefer a chill first date, whereas Aquarius is at home in pulsing, bustling places. If personalities clash, it'll likely be on that first -- and last -- date.

Taurus in Love has an instinct to build on solid ground.

Aquarius in Love is friendly and very indpedent.

Digging In

There's a mutual fascination here that keeps the other tuned in.  Uranus-ruled Aquarius seeks trends, and has one eye on the future, while Taurus can be set in their ways.

The quickchanging Aquarius upsets the stability-seeking nature of Taurus. If trust is lost with Taurus, it's hard to get it back.

Taurus may seem rigid, narrow-minded to the Aquarian sensibility. And yet, Aquarians also have a know-it-all streak that they'll never cop to! They both dig in, and hold to their opinion at times.

This stubbornness can be maddening and drive a wedge between them. Both are accumulators, as fixed signs. Taurus wants to own lots of nice material things, while Aquarius is more apt to seek intellectual property.

Taurus wants to get down and dirty in the sack, and Aquarius stays a bit aloof, detached during the act. The uncatchable Aquarius sets off jealousy for the Bull, especially if they're just one of the many. Aquarius is one beat removed, even from intimates, and this creates an intolerable gap for the possessive Taurus. If love has them in its clutches, these differences can drive them to dark extremes. Both are stubborn and may quickly find a trivial matter turning them into adversaries. Compromise is not in either signs vocabulary -- this is a problem for keeping the peace.

Against the Odds

And yet, fixed signs fixate on each other, and with other compatible planets, this match has potential for longterm harmony. Taurus is good with practical matters, and this is good for Aquarius, who struggles with earthly matters. Taurus may find Aquarius too idea oriented, and be unnerved by the off the wall thought patterns of the Waterbearer.

Taurus loves tradition, while Aquarius shirks the status quo, opting for the innovations of the future.

Aquarius resists merging and can live in the mind, while Taurus renews itself through physical intimacy and sensual pleasures. On the up side, Taurus can manage the day-to-day, and Aquarius comes up with the big picture plan. If they can handle the odd clash that naturally exists here, it might work, to the shock of all their friends.

Upside: Commitment in marriage; stimulating conversation; enjoy mellow times; art appreciators; sound thinkers; both dislike love complications; purveyors of style and the good life; ambitious; straight shooters.

Downside: Aqua's straying makes the Bull see red; security vs. total freedom; free agent vs. ownership; stuck in worldviews; two bosses.

Element and Quality

Fixed Earth and Fixed Air

Taurus and Aquarius Love Story

Reader Rockabella writes,  "I am the A woman and I can sat that what I know about what should make us "too different" has in fact solidified our union.

I am not as detached apparently as the outline suggests of a typical A. I love, seek and thrive on his affections and possessiveness. He is my perfect match and puts a flame in me where others have burnt it out. I love him deeply more than any other man ever before."