Taurus Rising - Rising Signs

Walking in Beauty

Walking in Nature / Credit: Jade Brookbank for Getty Images.

Taurus Rising guys and gals have a natural way about them, and come across as solid.

This native meets life in a way that's as slow and patient as nature.  Some are heavy or dense in physique, or become so later on in life.  Many are pleasing to the eye, and take special care with their appearance, down to how they smell.    

Taurus Rising is like having Venus in the First House.  The sense are so strong, that a good aroma or tactile fabric lures them in.


Rising Signs are how you appear to others, especially first impressions.  With Taurus Rising, you come across as calm and capable.  You're a great friend to have in a crisis, since you focus on practical solutions.  

You can be rather matter-of-fact with new experiences, judging them as workable or not.  You don't follow the whims of others, but will invest in a collaborative idea if you think it'll bring a return.  

Five Sense Reality 

Taurus takes the pulsing life of Aries and roots it.  Taurus as a Rising Sign makes you one to meet life with that desire to stabilize. 

You’re earthy and mellow, which is attractive to others. There’s a heavy density to your “person” that makes others see you as formidable, not to be messed with.

You can be quietly productive when you’ve locked on something that’s substantial. This gifts you with the discipline to be skilled and knowledgeable in your field.

You may have artistic gifts and be naturally beautiful or handsome.

You’re a sensualist and physically affectionate. You like to greet those you’re close to with a real hug.  The kind of hug that takes time to relax into.  But you might not be expressive in public, to the surprise of those you're intimate with.


Your home reflects a love of creature comforts. Your mask is that of “the builder” who is cultivating wealth from the ground up. You’re keen to keep acquiring quality things that are made to last. And you’re probably focused on money security for the long term.

Rising Signs show how you greet the new dawn, or a new experience.  

You don't get breathless over a new idea, and that can bum out your excitable companions.  But you will listen and determine if it has value.  

Your values are your compass in life, and you'll thrive if you can live true to them.  You also want to make the most of your natural talents, and will suffer from self-judgement, if you get too lackadaisical about it.  

Some Taurus dark side traits that rise here are being lazy, stingy or stuck in your ways.  You might miss opportunities, if you're too closed to something new.  

Your Rising Sign gives you a presence of someone that's able to see things to completion.  But you'll want to avoid staying in positions that give you stability, but don't challenge you to grow.  Taking a cue from nature, you'll want to grow roots, but also reach new heights.  

Your consistent nature makes you dependable, and co-workers know they can count on you.

Having satisfying work is a big deal, as is having a home to retreat to with loved ones.  

Personality: reserved, matter-of-fact, slow to act, resourceful, serene, creative, self-indulgent.

Body and Style: sturdy build, big-boned or curvy, all natural, healthy, tend toward over weight.

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