Tea Party Jokes

Humor Mocking Tea Partiers and Teabaggers

A roundup of the best jokes, political cartoons, and other humor mocking the Tea Party and teabaggers.

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Protest Signs Ever

View a collection of the most ridiculous Tea Party protest signs of all time, including the best and worst uses of "Teabonics" -- the exciting new dialect of the English language created by spelling-challenged, reality-impaired Teabaggers.

Tea Party Jokes

Read late-night jokes about the Tea Party and teabaggers. "The Tea party nation announced last week that Sarah Palin will headline what is being called the first national tea party convention in February. It is expected to be the nation's largest ever gathering of misspelled signs." –Seth Meyers

Ridiculous Tea Party Quotes

"We needed to have the press be our friend ... We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported." —Nevada GOP Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, during an interview with Fox News

'Teabagging' Double Entendres

MSNBC's David Shuster describes the parties as "full-throated" and "toothless," adding that they wanted to give Obama a "strong tongue-lashing and lick government spending." He also joked that the GOP was "going nuts" for teabagging but would "need a Dick Armey."

Jon Stewart "Warns" Tea Baggers To Stay Away From the GOP

Jon Stewart: "The tea parties are about smaller government, lower taxes. When you get Republicans involved, that's when the crazy comes out. And then nobody will take your Hitler-Obama signs seriously."

Stephen Colbert Googles Teabagging

Stephen Colbert says that perverts are sullying the patriotic act of a taxpayer rising up, standing over his government, and delivering his opinion into the mouth of power.

Bill Maher Blasts Tea Baggers For Ignoring Defense Spending

Bill Maher: "The problem with the tea party movement, besides their almost universal rejection of dentistry, is that they want money for nothing and chicks for free. They want a deregulated free market and their jobs to stay here in the US; they want guaranteed health coverage regardless of preexisting conditions without a big government mandate; they want to call themselves teabaggers and people to keep a straight face."

SNL Mocks Tea Baggers' Outfits, Signs, And Lack Of Humor

SNL's Bill Hader, appearing as James Carville, has some fun at the teabaggers' expense: "You can't dress how you dress and not expect jokes. You're wearing colonial costumes. And not even the whole costume...Which founding father wore the tri-corner hat with an Orlando Magic jersey?"

More Tea Party Jokes

"The tea party nation announced last week that Sarah Palin will headline what is being called the first national tea party convention in February. It is expected to be the nation's largest ever gathering of misspelled signs." –Seth Meyers

"At a Tea Party rally in Boston yesterday, Sarah Palin praised the crowd for winning that Senate race in Massachusetts. She said: 'Shoot, look at what you did in January. You shook up the United States Senate.' Unfortunately, no one heard the Senate thing, because after she said 'shoot,' 300 guns went off. " –Jimmy Fallon

"Well, tomorrow in Nashville, Sarah Palin will speak at the Tea Party Convention. Tickets are $550 apiece. Where are they getting this tea, Starbucks?" –Jay Leno

"At the UN, President Obama called on other countries to help us track down and eliminate radicals and extremists. But they told Obama, 'Hey, the tea party is your problem, buddy.'" –Jay Leno

"These Tea Party groups are very conservative. In fact, 58 percent of Tea Party members now believe Joe Biden is a Muslim." –Jay Leno

"What a day for the tea party people. Did you see that? America’s parks and fairgrounds were lost in a sea of man-boobs. They were venting their anger and rage against taxes, which, of course, in most cases for them went down. Protesting their taxes went down – but you know, why let the truth spoil a perfectly good Klan rally." –Bill Maher

"Federal taxes last year when down for 98 percent of people, but when asked about this, only 12 percent of the Teabaggers thought this was the case. 88 percent of them had it wrong. And a spokesman for the Teabaggers said, 'We don’t want to just be taxed less. We want to be taxed less by a white guy." –Bill Maher

"They used the opportunity on Tax Day to come up with what they call a 'Contract From America.' Remember the 'Contract With America'? Well, this is a different set of 10 completely ridiculous ideas. Like number 4, I'm not kidding about this: 'The tax code cannot have more words than the Constitution.' You know between this and the complaints about the health care bill being too long, can we say it? It's not taxes they hate, it's reading." –Bill Maher