101 to Teacher Appreciation: Know Why Teachers Are Good for You

Teacher Appreciation Quotes to Shower Your Teachers With Love

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1. A Teacher's Influence Lasts Forever
In the words of William Butler Yeats, "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." We must credit our teachers who ignite the fire of learning in the mind that is yearning for knowledge.

Someone once said, "Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime." A teacher can make a lasting impression on your mind. This influence persists beyond school, college and university, and becomes the beacon of light, guiding us through the journey of life.

Good teachers play the role of a parent, providing encouragement, inspiration, and invaluable guidance.

2. Teaching Is Not Easy
Unlike popular self-belief, not every one can be a teacher. Sure, you can pursue teaching programs to gain the necessary certification to be a teacher. But a good teacher has to have certain qualities to be an icon of inspiration. Great teachers are those who can extract the nectar of goodness from young aspirants. They can fish out the hidden qualities of every student. With words of inspiration, persistent training, and rigid discipline, they steer the students in the right direction. Great teachers teach the student to believe that nothing is impossible.

3. Teachers Impact Many Generations
Every one has a favorite teacher. We may love this special teacher for her charisma, enthusiasm, or knowledge. Often, our best memories of childhood revolve around a great teacher, who inspired and changed our life.

Their words, or actions linger in our memory decades after we leave school. Subconsciously, we emulate them as we pass on our knowledge to the next generation. Thus, a great teacher's influence can last for many generations.

4. Why Teachers Matter
I once had a teacher who taught me the importance of self-help.

By setting the right example, she impressed upon me the importance of self-reliance, instead of expecting help from others. She taught me to build on my strengths and be responsible for my own successes and failures. If it weren't for my teacher, I would never have learned to push my limits.

5. Teachers Teach You to Seek Knowledge
You may have come across some teachers who instilled value education in you. This kind of education can mold a human being for life. Teachers bear an enormous responsibility of passing on their wisdom and knowledge. Italian astronomer and mathematician Galileo expressed, "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself." Good teachers help in enabling this discovery. They open new avenues, and encourage students to explore and achieve their true potential.

6. The Best Teachers
Recollect the good qualities of your favorite teachers. You may notice some common qualities. They motivated you to work harder, and take bigger initiatives. They are passionate about their subject and enjoyed teaching.

Good teachers understand the importance of nurturing the love and thirst for knowledge. Some nuggets of their valuable advice remain with you forever.

Their insight broadens your horizons and enables you to expand you knowledge.

7. Teachers as Entertainers
Good teaching involves good delivery. African-American scholar and teacher John Henrik Clarke rightly said, "A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention; then he can teach his lesson." It is not enough to simply know your subject. To initiate learning, teachers have to make the classroom experience enriching.

Teachers' Day Across the World
UNESCO instituted World Teacher's Day on October 5. However, many countries observe Teachers' Day celebrations independently. In America, students celebrate Teacher Appreciation week in the first full week of May. In that week, Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated on Tuesday.

How You Can Celebrate Teacher's Day
On Teacher's Day, students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers.

Many educational institutes commemorate Teachers' Day with elaborate entertainment activities that include short plays, dance and music. Parent volunteers and PTA members often host a small celebration party for the teachers. As a student, you can put up banners, and posters with thank you notes scribbled on them. Express your appreciation through thank you card quotes.

Appreciate Your Teacher's Efforts With Gratitude
Use this opportunity to get to know your teachers better. Share your thoughts and ideas and learn what inspires them. Make beautiful Teacher's Day cards with Happy Teacher's Day quotes to express your admiration. One beautiful Teachers' Day quote by Albert Einstein goes, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." You can find more such meaningful lines in this collection of Teacher' Day quotations.

Every Day Is Teachers' Day
Why wait for Teachers' Day to come around? You don't need a special occasion to express your affection towards your teacher. Make each day of your teacher's life special with thoughtful words and deeds. I know of a friend who teaches first-grade students, and she is pleased as punch whenever she gets a hand-made card from one of her students. Overlooking the spelling mistakes and scrawny handwriting, she says that it is the thought that counts.

Your Success Is Your Teacher's Success
A teacher considers herself successful when her students achieve success in their respective careers. For her, the only reward is your advancement. On Teacher's Day, pay a visit to your alma mater, and meet the teachers who molded you. You will be surprised to find that they remember you, even though many years have rolled by. Your visit will bring tears of joy in their eyes. Express your appreciation by writing a personalized message. It is the best gift you could ever give your teachers.