Teacher Interview Questions

Key Questions and Target Answers for Teacher Interviews

Teacher interviews can be quite nerve-racking for new and veteran teachers alike. One way to help prepare for a teaching interview is to read through questions such as those presented here and learn about the target answers for which interviewers are looking. If you follow the link for each of the questions, you will learn not only target answer suggestions along with things that you should avoid in your answers. If you would like additional information to help as you prepare for your teaching interview, check out Top Ten Keys to a Successful Teaching Job Interview. You might also want to see what you need to be careful of with Top 12 Interview Mistakes for Teacher Interviews. More resources:

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This interview question is typical across many professions. The key to answering this question is in not only providing excellent strengths directly related to the job, but also including a weakness that could also be seen as a strength. Also, be careful to avoid spending too much time answering this question.

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How do you find new ideas for lessons?

The interviewer will be looking for you to show the knowledge and willingness to utilize many different sources for information, lesson development, and lesson enrichment. Avoid simply mentioning the textbook as this would not show any creativity on your part.

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What are methods you might use to teach a lesson?

The key here is to show your knowledge of varying instructional techniques, the willingness to use these techniques, and the ability to judge when each is appropriate. Make sure to mention the fact that you need to take the students, their abilities, and their interests into account as you design lesson plans.

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An interviewer wants to see that you understand the importance of considering your objectives and how you will evaluate the students when you first develop your lessons. The key is that you have a plan that relies on measurable results, not just 'gut instinct'.

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How do you maintain control in your classroom?

A good answer would be specific and include rules and policies that you would set up from day one. Further, including specific examples from your own experiences, even if while student teaching, will add credence to your answer.

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How can someone tell you are well organized?

For this question, give specific examples of what someone would see as they walked into your classroom that would say that you are well organized.

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What books have you read lately?

You will want to have actually read any book you state. Choose a couple and try to connect at least one to your teaching career or education in general. Make sure to stay away from any politically charged books, just in case your interviewer disagrees with you.

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Who do you admire?

It's fine to include more than one person here. If you do only mention one, try and make it not be someone in your family. No matter who you choose, give specific reasons.

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The main trap here is to avoid making it look as though education is not your chosen career profession. The interviewer wants to see that you do in fact have goals, and that you are devoted to teaching.

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Do you have any questions for us?

Make sure to have one or more prepared questions. Try to use these to show interest in further growth if possible. However, very important to avoid asking too many questions or ones that would give a negative impression.