Ways to Teach Elementary Students Social Skills

7 Ways to Teach Social Skills

There is no question that some children have better social skills than others. For the ones that struggle, social success can be quite tough. Fortunately for these students, social skills can be taught. Teachers can effectively teach skills such as problem-solving, listening, communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. By learning these important skills, children will be able to thrive socially in school and beyond. Use the following resources to effectively teach social skills to your students.

Social Skills: Teaching Conflict Resolution

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An important part of teaching children social skills is teaching them how to manage everyday conflicts. Resolving conflicts without fighting or becoming angry takes a lot of patience. Here are a few activities to help children learn how to resolve conflicts in a dignified manner. 

Social Skills: Teaching Problem Solving

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Problem-solving skills are essential for students to build positive relationships and improve their academic performance. 

Social Skills: Teaching Students How to Communicate

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A huge component of teaching your students social skills is teaching them how to properly communicate. Here are 5 activities to help children learn how to effectively communicate with others 

Social Skills: Teaching Listening Skills

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Listening skills are an essential part of communicating with others. Here are a few activities to help children learn how to listen and communicate properly. 

Social Skills: Expressing feelings

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The ability to express your feelings is an important part of every child's development. Here are five activities to help your students express their feelings as well as learn how to control them.

Social Skills: Teamwork

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Teamwork is an essential skill for students to learn at an early age. Here are five activities to help students learn how to work effectively within a group. 

Steps to Teach Each Skill

Step #1 - Discuss what social skills are. Step #2 - Select the social skill that you want to focus on with your students. Step #3 - Teach the skill that you have selected by doing one or more of the activities above. Step #4 - Practice the skill that you taught. Step #5 - Review the skill. Ask students to reflect back and see if they still thought the same way they did about the skill that they just learned about.