Top Teaching ESL: Books on Writing Skills

These top choice books are used for teaching English writing skills to English as a Second or Foreign Language classes. These books can be used to develop activities, complement class exercises or give students extra writing skills practice at home.
Beginning guide to writing for the ESL student. This is a series of three books published by Thomson Learning that takes students from beginning to advanced level.
Intermediate level of this series, these guides try to guide students who fall between the guided writing necessary for beginning ESL students and the independent writing assigned to college and university students.
A Writer's Workbook takes an interactive approach to writing for ESL students. The book provides a text with helpful hints, fill in areas and exercises to work on developing specific writing skills.
This book provides a step by step course to writing especially designed for ESL students by one of the leading publishers in North America.
Choices is organized by themes using a process-based writing approach to teaching writing. Each theme takes students go through a number of steps to produce the final product including: brainstorming, drafting, peer review, revision, and editing.
Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL provides a resource book for K-12 teachers. Activities and teaching technique tips are provided in this valuable resource book.
This book is aimed at lower level classes and provides instruction and exercises on building basic writing skills such as sentence structure and paragraph writing.
This book is very useful for ESL learners who are studying at a university or college in North America. It provides specific tips and suggestions to writing research papers as well as explaining North American reasoning behind these types of projects.
Writing Better English provides a basic guide to writing including: A series of exercises and practical-writing activities, tests for comprehension of basic grammatical structures as well as a practical section on writing personal and business letters.
This guide to teaching academic ESL is ideal for those who teach writing skills in an academic setting. While not for all ESL classes, this volume will certainly provide help and resources for teachers at universities and community colleges.
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