Teaching the Life Skills

The left lace goes behind the loop.
Shoe tying is a life skill. Websterlearning

Here is a list of life skills that students/children with developmental delays should be taught once they are able to learn them:

Personal Information
Name, address, telephone numbers, location of their paper identification, contact information.

Sign Information
Signs in the community: Stop, men, women, no smoking, out of order, no loitering,exit, detour, pedestrian crossing, yield, no dogs etc.

Important Labels
Flammable, poison, harmful, out of reach of children, high voltage.

Knobs, dials, buttons, switches:
TV, radio, stove, toasters, washer/dryer, microwave, taps, scales, handles etc.

Application Forms
Surname, occupation, signatures, initials, references.

Finding Information
Dictionaries, catalogues, internet, phonebooks, 911, location of important information etc.

Prescription labels, direction labels, recipes, index, table of contents, shopping directories, calendars, important dates, holidays etc.

Store Types
Grocery, laundry, hardware, drug store, restaurants, specialty, hairdresser/barber, recreation centres etc.

Thank you cards, basic letters, invitation RSVPs, envelope addresses

Basic Laws
Traffic signs and signals, no smoking, speed limits, vandalism, noise bylaws, loitering etc.

Account management, debit card use, deposits and withdrawals, writing cheques, understanding statements

Identification, change, values, coins, paper and equivalencies

Telling time, being on time, understanding the difference between analog and ditital, alarm clock settings, times for work, meals and sleep

These are just some of the important life skills that students with developmental delays will need to be taught. Some individuals will be capable of learning more of the basic skills than others. However, these basic life skills are an important part of their curriculum. Many activities can be done to help support the learning of these activites - it may take some creativity and hands on experiences.

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