Cases of Teenagers Who Killed Their Parents

Cases of Matricide, Patricide and Paricide

Criminal psychologist can often tell you in hindsight what actions were likely responsible for pushing a child into killing their parents, but knowing beforehand that a child is planning to kill is unpredictable. Parricide, matricide and patricide are so rare in the US, that few studies have been done to help unlock the mystery into the minds of these children. Each crime is shocking, brutal and heartbreaking, but what is unimaginable is what each parent went through, knowing who was responsible for their death.

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Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson. Mugshot
Sarah Johnson came from a small, affluent town in Idaho. She was sweet 16, athletic, had a supportive brother and great parents who tried to give her the things in life that would make her happy and help her grow. To many her age, Sarah Johnson had it all. But there was one thing Sarah couldn't have because her parents would not allow it and that was enough for her to decide that they were in the way and needed to go.

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Larry Swartz
Larry Swartz. Family Photo
Larry Swartz was the quiet one of the two adopted brothers. He was also mom's favorite and she was never afraid of letting it show. Larry worked hard to keep his parents happy, but all that was in vain when a third child was adopted. Larry watched how easily his parents disowned his brother and knew that his time was coming soon. Rather than to let that happen, he decided that he would disown them first, permanently.

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Alex and Derek King
Alex and Derek King. Getty Image
Alex and Derek King looked like they should have been sitting in a daycare center, not a courtroom. These two adorable boys were facing murder charges for using a baseball bat to bludgeon their father to death. But then the focus shifted and a third person became involved in the sick crime. Who really killed Terry King? Was it the boys or King's long-time friend and convicted pedophile, Rick Chavis?

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Stacey Lannert at Eight Years Old
Stacey Lannert at Eight Years Old.
Stacey Lannert was in the third grade when her father Tom Lannert first began sexually abusing her. Adults near to Stacey, including her mother, suspected that Stacey was being abused, but failed to offer help. When Tom turned his attentions to her younger sister Christy, Stacey felt there was only one solution left - Tom had to die. See how this tragic story finally came to an end 18 years later.

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Lyle and Erik Menendez
Lyle and Erik Menendez. Mugshot
Lyle and Erik Menendez were nice looking rich kids that grew up surrounded by wealth and opportunity. The world was theirs if they wanted it. But they were spoiled and lazy and did not want to wait around for years to get their hands on mommy and daddy's money. Killing their parents, Jose and Kitty, seemed to be the easy part. Not acting like arrogant fools when they thought they got away with it, proved to be impossible and finally led to their demise.