Telephone English Role Plays

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Role-playing refers to taking parts in a pretend situation to focus on specific English skills. When we telephone others, especially when we telephone business or other professionals for appointments, there is a purpose to our conversation. Using these role plays will help you or your class develop telephone language skills while practicing situations that can also be used in person. Use important telephone phrases to begin your conversation, you can also use these telephone English tips to help negotiate the conversation successfully.

Role Playing Suggestions

Here are some role plays for you to use in practicing your telephone English.

Requesting Travel Information

Student A:

Choose a city in your country. You are going to travel to this city for a business meeting over the next weekend. Telephone a travel agency and reserve the following:

  • Round-trip flight
  • Hotel room for two nights
  • Restaurant recommendation
  • Prices and departure times

Student B:

You work in a travel agency. Listen to student A and offer him/her the following solutions:

  • Round-trip flight: Air JW $450 Coach, $790 First Class
  • Hotel room for two nights: Hotel City $120 a night in the downtown area, Hotel Relax $110 a night near the airport
  • Restaurant Recommendation: Chez Marceau - downtown - average price $70 a person

Product Information

Student A:

You need to purchase six new computers for your office. Call JA's Computer World and ask for the following information:

  • Current special offers on computers
  • Computer configuration (RAM, Hard Drive, CPU)
  • Guaranty
  • Possibility of discount for an order of six computers

Student B:

You work in at JA's Computer World answer student A's questions using the following information:

  • Two special offers: Multimedia Monster - with latest Pentium CPU, 256 RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Monitor included - $2,500 AND Office Taskmaster - cheaper CPU, 64 RAM, 10 GB Hard Drive, Monitor not included - $1,200
  • 1 Year guaranty on all computers
  • Discount of 5% for orders of more than five computers

Leaving a Message

Student A:

You want to speak to Ms Braun about your account with her company, W&W. If Ms Braun isn't in the office, leave the following information:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number: 347-8910 (or use your own)
  • Calling about changing conditions of your contract with W&W
  • You can be reached until 5 o'clock at the above number. If Ms Braun calls after 5 o'clock, she should call 458-2416

Student B:

You are a receptionist at W&W. Student A would like to speak to Ms Braun, but she is out of the office. Take a message and make sure you get the following information:

  • Name and telephone number - ask student A to spell the surname
  • Message student A would like to leave for Ms Braun
  • How late Ms Braun can call student A at the given telephone number

Selling Your Product

Student A:

You are a salesperson for Red Inc. You are telephoning a client who you think might be interested in buying your new line of office supplies. Discuss the following information with your client:

  • New line of office supplies including: copy-paper, pens, stationary, mouse-pads and white boards
  • You know the customer hasn't ordered any new products during this past year
  • Special discount of 15% for orders placed before next Monday
  • Any order placed before Monday will not only receive the discount but also have its company logo printed on the products at no extra charge

Student B:

You work in an office and receive a telephone call from your local office supplier. As a matter of fact, you need some new office supplies so you are definitely interested in what the salesperson has to offer. Talk about the following:

  • New pens, stationary and whiteboards
  • Do they have any special offers
  • You would like to place an order for 200 packages of copy paper immediately
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