Ten Reasons to Learn English

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Here are ten reasons to learn English - or any language really. We've chosen these ten reasons as they express a wide range of not only learning goals, but also personal goals.

1. Learning English Is Fun 

We should rephrase this: learning English can be fun. For many students, it isn't much fun. However, we think that's just a problem of how you learn English. Take time to have fun learning English by listening to music, watching a movie, challenging yourself to games in English. There are so many opportunities to learn English while having fun. There's no excuse not to enjoy yourself, even if you have to learn grammar.

2. English Will Help You Succeed in Your Career

This is obvious to anyone who lives in our modern world. Employers want employees who speak English. This might not be fair, but it is the reality. Learning English to take a test such as the IELTS or TOEIC will give you a qualification that others might not have, and that might help you get the job you need.

3. English Opens Up International Communications

You are on the internet learning English right now. We all know the world needs more love and understanding. What better way to improve the world than to communicate in English (or other languages) with those from other cultures?!

4. Learning English Will Help Open Your Mind

We believe that we are all brought up to see the world in one way. That's a good thing, but at a certain point, we need to expand our horizons. Learning English will help you understand the world through a different language. Understanding the world through a different language will also help you view the world from a different perspective. In other words, learning English helps to open your mind.

5. Learning English Will Help Your Family

Being able to communicate in English can help you reach out and discover new information. This new information could help save the life of someone in your family. Well, it certainly can help you help the other people in your family who don't speak English. Just imagine yourself on a trip and you are responsible for communicating with others in English. Your family will be very proud.

6. Learning English Will Keep Alzheimer's Away

Scientific research says that using your mind to learn something helps keep your memory intact. Alzheimer's - and other diseases dealing with brain functions - isn't nearly as powerful if you've kept your brain flexible by learning English.

7. English Will Help You Understand Those Crazy Americans and Brits

Yes, American and British cultures are rather strange at times. Speaking English will certainly give you insight into why these cultures are so crazy! Just think, you will understand English cultures, but they probably won't understand yours because they don't speak the language. That's a real advantage in so many ways.

8. Learning English Will Help You Improve Your Sense of Time

English is obsessed with verb tenses. In fact, there are twelve tenses in English. We've noticed that this is not the case in many other languages. You can be sure that by learning English you will gain a keen sense of when something happens due to the English language's use of time expressions.

9. Learning English Will Allow You to Communicate in Any Situation

Chances are that someone will speak English no matter where you are. Just imagine you are on a deserted island with people from all over the world. Which language will you speak? Probably English!

10. English Is the World Language

OK, OK, this is an obvious point we've already made. More people speak Chinese, more nations have Spanish as their mother tongue, but, realistically. English is the language of choice throughout the world today.

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