Tennis Printables

Overhead view of young male tennis player playing tennis, serving the ball on sunny blue tennis court
Young male tennis player serving the ball. Caiaimage/Chris Ryan / Getty Images

Are your students taking tennis lessons or interested in watching tennis matches? These free printables will help them learn more about the vocabulary and terms associated with the sport. 

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Tennis Wordsearch

Print the pdf: Tennis Word Search

Next Page - Tennis Vocabulary

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Tennis Vocabulary

Print the pdf: Tennis Vocabulary Sheet

Next Page - Tennis Crossword Puzzle

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Tennis Crossword Puzzle

Print the pdf: Tennis Crossword Puzzle

Next Page - Tennis Challenge

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Tennis Challenge

Print the pdf: Tennis Challenge

Next Page - Tennis Alphabet Activity

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Tennis Alphabet Activity

Print the pdf: Tennis Alphabet Activity

Next Page - Tennis Coloring Page

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Tennis Coloring Page

Tennis Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez
Print the pdf: Tennis Coloring Page

and color the picture. (Use your back button to return to this page and choose your next printable sheet.)

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