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If you are looking for a job in HTML or Web design, you may be asked to take a test proving you can do what you say. But that can be a bit nerve-wracking even for the best HTML experts. So a good choice is to take a few online practice tests ahead of time so that you're prepared.

I went out looking for some free HTML tests and discovered that there aren't as many out there as I thought there would be. I found a few simple ones, including my own "How Familiar Are You With HTML5?" and a few that didn't work. Below I listed the quizzes I found in the order I would recommend. The last two I recommend avoiding. 

Tests for Geeks
Tests for Geeks. Screen shot by J Kyrnin

This is a 30 question test about HTML. It covers paragraphs, tables, lists, links, images, tags as well as things like what makes a block of HTML code valid. There are also related tests for Web designers on Tests for Geeks like CSS, HTML & CSS and HTML & CSS & Javascript.

Tests for Geeks lets you test yourself with two tests for free. You have to register to take your free tests. Then if you want to take more or administer the tests to other people (such as job candidates) you can pay a fee, generally up to $100 depending on the number of tests you need.

This site has the advantage of having a lot of different tests available. Web designers and developers will be interested in the PHP, JavaScript and Databases tests as well as the HTML tests I mentioned above. But there are many categories for developers on other platforms as well. More »

W3Schools. Screen shot by J Kyrnin

This is a simple quiz with 20 basic HTML questions. When I took the test I found one question that was wrong (two answers were technically correct, but you could only choose one) and three questions that were a little outdated (one suggested using an attribute that has been replaced with CSS, and the other two were related to tags that have changed meaning in HTML5).

The HTML Quiz is free, but if you want to be certified in the language of your choice, you will need to pay about $100 per certificate. More »

Ex-Designs. Screen shot by J Kyrnin

This test was hard. I'm not convinced it was hard for the right reasons, however. Many of the questions were confusing because the author did not use full HTML tags in either the questions or the answers. Some of the wording was not quite standard English, which made the test hard too.

And one question I completely guessed on, as I have no idea how it relates to HTML. (The question was: "What operator makes converts 00110011 into 11001100?" )

It was very difficult to see which answers I got right and wrong. I only missed two questions on this 30-question test (Interestingly, not the one I mention above; I got that one right).

There were questions related to HTML, questions about images and questions about browsers and editors. More »

I don't recommend this quiz site.

WizIQ provides tests on many different topics. The quizzes and tests are provided by users, so there is no guarantee of quality. You have to register to get your results from any test you take, which is frustrating when you've just taken a long test. I didn't find that out until I'd completed the first HTML test.

The first test that I took on this list is almost an exact duplicate of the W3Schools quiz, including most of the errors I listed above about the W3Schools quiz. About halfway through the "author" (plagiarist?) started changing the wording slightly and the answer order, but the questions were effectively the same.

I didn't see any contributors to the HTML tests that I recognized as being particularly knowledgeable in HTML or Web design. So, I'm not sure how useful these tests would be. If you end up taking a test with an incorrect answer, you could hurt your chances when taking a test for a job. More »

I don't recommend this quiz site.

At first glance this looks like a good test for determining your HTML knowledge. It claims to cover HTML tags and elements, tables, frames, forms and even colors as well as information in the HEAD of your documents. However, when I clicked on "Take Exam" I was sent to a page saying "this offer is not available in your area." And I was prompted to login on a page that was very ad-heavy and felt suspicious. More »

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