Text Boxes in Microsoft Word

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Inserting a Text Box

Text boxes give you control over the position of a block of text in your document. You can place text boxes anywhere in the document and format them with shading and borders.

Additionally, you can link text boxes so that the contents flow between the boxes automatically.

Click Insert > Text Box to insert a text box. Click and drag your mouse where you want to position the text box. It appears with a border that you can use to resize or reposition the text box.

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Changing the Border of a Text Box

Enter text in the text box by clicking and typing in the box. Text in the box can be formatted like other text in your document.

You can apply character and paragraph formatting, and you can use styles. You can’t use some formatting, such as columns, page breaks, and drop caps. Text boxes can’t contain tables of contents, comments, or footnotes.

Text boxes are white with a thin black border. Change the border by clicking the Line button on the Drawing toolbar. Select a color from the chart or click More Line Colors for more choices. You can change the border style with the Patterned Lines button.

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Formatting a Text Box

You can access advanced formatting options by right-clicking the border of a text box. Select Format Text Box.

On the Colors and Lines tab, you can change the background color and adjust the transparency. It also allows you to specify border style, color, and weight.

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Adjusting the Size of a Text Box

On the ​Size tab, you specify dimensions in inches. Scale the text box size by entering a percentage.

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Setting the Margins for Your Text Box

On the Text Box tab, you can specify internal margins. It also allows you to turn word wrapping on or off, and you can specify that the box automatically resize to fit the text.

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Changing Text Wrapping Options for a Text Box

To change the text wrapping options for a text box, you must change the text wrapping options of the drawing canvas. Right-click on the border of the drawing canvas. Select Format Drawing Canvas.

The Layout tab provides you with a variety of options for changing the layout of a text box. For example, you can have the text wrap around the text box, or you can insert the text box inline with the document text.

Select how you want your text box to appear. For advanced options, such as setting the amount of space around the picture, click Advanced.

Once you’ve specified your options, click OK.

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