Texthelp Fluency Tutor™ for Google

Education App Helps Teachers Assess and Support Struggling Readers

Dashboard of Fluency Tutor for Google app.
Fluency Tutor for Google helps teachers track the progress of struggling readers. Texthelp, Inc.

Fluency Tutor™ for Google is a leveled reading assessment tool from Texthelp, Inc. designed to help teachers support struggling and emerging readers using Google Apps for Education.  

The app enables teachers to select and assign reading passages based on content or lexile level and share them with individual students or groups via Google Drive.

Students study and record themselves reading the passage aloud.

The app provides a private, relaxed environment to practice reading at school or home, and access to literacy tools such as a picture dictionary.

Recorded passages are automatically shared back with teachers, enabling them to listen remotely and provide immediate feedback and follow-up assignments to improve word recognition, reading speed, accuracy, and fluency.

Any teacher using Google Apps for Education in their school or district can install Fluency Tutor for Google from the Chrome Web Store. The teacher dashboard and student interaction area are free. Premium features (e.g. analytics and progress tracking) cost $99 per teacher, per year.

The Premium version includes access to tools for assessing student recordings based on word accuracy, hesitation, and other metrics. There are also analytical tools for monitoring progress to identify future learning needs.

Fluency Tutor™ for Google enables teachers to share passages with multiple students in one class, in different classes, or in multiple schools in a district that have a Google ID.

Google Contacts also lets you create sharing communities.

About Texthelp

Texthelp develops literacy software for individuals, K-12, and students in higher education. Its flagship product is Read&Write GOLD, a customizable toolbar (PC or Mac) that provides reading, writing, studying, and research tools students can access within most applications and websites.

Texthelp's Fluency Tutor uses audio feedback and interactive tests to enable students to read at their own pace.

Call Texthelp at 888.248.0652 for more information.