Thank You Clip Art

Thank You clip art of flowers for International Thank You Day

Thank You Thank You Clip Art
Delicate pink flowers with "Thank You" text to use for Thank You Day and for special occasions. Bobbie Peachey

The Thank you clip art shown is part of the original mouse drawn Thank You clip art collection which includes roses, various flowers, and other graphics with "Thank You" text. Please scroll down the page for more of the original clip art descriptions and links.

Your parents most likely taught you to say thank you. Below are a few ways to say thank you in different languages:

  • Afrikaans - dankie
  • Chinese, Cantonese - do jeh
  • Czech - dêkuji
  • Danish - tak
  • Finnish - kiitos
  • French - merci
  • German - danke
  • Greek - efharisto
  • Hebrew - toda
  • Hindi, Hindustani - sukria
  • Indonesian/Malayan - terima kasih
  • Italian - grazie
  • Japanese -  arigato
  • Korean - kamsa hamnida
  • Norwegian -takk
  • Polish - dziekuje
  • Portuguese - obrigadooh
  • Russian - spasibo
  • Spanish = gracias
  • Sri Lanka (Sinhak) - istutiy
  • Swahili - asante
  • Swedish -tack
  • Thai - kawp-kun krap/ka'
  • Turkish - tesekkür ederim

All clip art, photo objects, and backgrounds in these collections of clip art created by Bobbie Peachey. All photo clips and photographs taken by Bobbie Peachey unless otherwise referenced.

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