How to Say Thank You in Russian: Pronunciation and Examples

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The most common way to say thank you in Russian is Спасибо (spaSEEbah), which is a shortened version of the expression Спаси Бог! (spaSEE BOGH) that means "God save you." However, before you start learning"you're welcome," there are several ways of thanking someone in Russian. Some of them can only be used in certain social situations and with certain people, for example only family or friends, while others are more universal.

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Pronunciation: spaSEEbah

Translation: God save you

Meaning: thank you

This is the most common and popular way to say thank you in Russian. It can be used in a variety of situations, including very formal and very informal. It is often pronounced in a fast, shortened way, sounding more like 'paseebuh' or 'pseebuh'.

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Pronunciation: blagadaRYU

Translation: I offer you blessings

Meaning: I thank you, I am grateful

Tinged with nostalgia for the old times described in Chekhov's stories, this way of thanking someone is not as common as спасибо but is still used very often, especially by the older generation. Younger Russians can sometimes say it in an ironic way.

Example: благодарю за помощь (blagadaRYU za POmash' - thanks for your help)

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Pronunciation: blagaDARstvuyu

Translation: I offer you blessings

Meaning: I thank you, I am grateful

Another old-fashioned expression, благодарствую is quite rare nowadays and is mostly used by the older generations or ironically. Although it means the same thing as благодарю, it sounds more archaic.

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Это очень мило

Pronunciation: EHta Ochen' MEElah

Translation: that's very nice

Meaning: that's very kind of you, you're very kind

With its flirty and charming connotations, this expression is used most often when thanking someone for a service or for doing something nice, for example:

- "Позвольте вам помочь." - Let me help you.

- "Это очень мило, спасибо." - That's very kind, thank you.

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Вы очень добры

Pronunciation: vy Ochen' dabRY

Translation: you're very kind

Meaning: you're very kind

Although this expression means the same thing as это очень мило, it is used in a more formal way, with people you don't know very well and whom you would address as the respectful plural Вы ('you'). It is not the correct expression to use when speaking to friends and family unless you are being sarcastic.

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Огромное спасибо

Pronunciation: agROMnaye spaSEEbah

Translation: a massive thank you

Meaning: thank you so much

Designed to demonstrate more gratitude than the usual спасибо, this common way of thanking someone can be used in most social settings, apart from the very official occasions where большое спасибo would be more appropriate.

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Pronunciation: spaSEEbkee

Translation: little thank yous

Meaning: cheers!

Used in conversations with close friends, this is an affectionate way of thanking someone. It is equivalent to baby talk so only use it with people with whom you would be comfortable speaking that way. You would get odd looks if you say it to your barista or the taxi driver.

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Pronunciation: spaSEEbachkee

Translation: little thank yous

Meaning: thank you very much, cheers big ears

'Спасибочки' is another baby-talk way of saying thank you in Russian and is used among close friends and family.

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Большое спасибо

Pronunciation: bal'SHOye spaSEEbah

Translation: a big thank you

Meaning: thank you very much

A very common way of saying thank you, большое спасибо can be used in most situations, including official engagements, social occasions, and daily interactions.

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Благодарю от всей души

Pronunciation: blagadaRYU at VSYEY dooSHEE

Translation: I thank you with my whole soul

Meaning: I am very grateful, thank you so much

A very dramatic and expressive way to say thank you, it is quite rare but can be used in most situations, including formal and informal ones.

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Я / Мы очень благодарен / благодарна / благодарны

Pronunciation: ya / my Ochen' blagoDAryen / blagoDARna / blagoDARny

Translation: I/we are very grateful

Meaning: I'm very grateful

The way this expression is used is very similar to its English-language equivalent and is suitable for a wide range of settings.

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Я ценю вашу помощь

Pronunciation: ya tseNYU VAshu POmash'

Translation: I appreciate your help

Meaning: I appreciate your help

Used in the same way as its English translation, this way of saying thank you is polite and heartfelt. You can use it to thank someone for any assistance.

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Я вам / тебе очень признателен / признательна

Pronunciation: ya vam / tyeBYE Ochen' prizNAtilen / prizNAtel'na

Translation: I am very grateful, I appreciate it very much

Meaning: I appreciate it, I'm very grateful

Used both in formal and informal settings, this expression is designed for showing gratitude and appreciation.

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