Thanksgiving Activities And Lesson Plans

Being Thankful In The Classroom With Your Students

November and December are such fun times to be an elementary school teacher! Opportunities abound for holiday crafts, and your students are full of enthusiasm for the upcoming holidays.

In My Classroom

When I teach Thanksgiving in my classroom, I find so much joy in emphasizing the importance of gratitude during the weeks surrounding the holiday. I help my students write Thanksgiving acrostic poems to their parents, expressing specific things for which they are most thankful. I've also implemented charity drives that help the needy in our community whether through collecting cans or other creative means. Additionally, it's important to me to offer some insight and instruction on Pilgrims and the heritage of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Quick Thanksgiving Tools

Use these easily adaptable resources in a variety of ways throughout the Thanksgiving season.

Puzzles and Ready-to-Print Activities

Your students will be so grateful to you for providing these fun games and puzzles to play.

Thanksgiving Poems and Poems

Poetry and music are always great ways to celebrate any holiday in an elementary classroom.

Historical Background for K-6 Students

Weave historical background information into your Thanksgiving lesson plans for a little cross-curricular fun.

Even More Thanksgiving Fun...

It's up to you how you want to utilize these tools. The possibilities are endless.