The 10x Rule

A Book for People Who Want to Succeed

The 10x Rule
Grant Cardone - The 10x Rule. Grant Cardone

The Bottom Line

I get a lot of sent a lot of self-help books to review. Many of them are poorly written or irrelevant to the life of everyday people. Some of them are just filled with fluffy information that is designed to fill pages rather than help someone succeed in business, school, or even daily life. 

The 10x Rule is a little different than most self-help books. It contains useful information, actionable tips, and real tools that can help you make serious life changes, In fact, The 10x Rule may be one of the best self-help books I have ever seen.

There is a lot to like about the book, but if I were to sum up the reason I like it, I'd have to say it is because  The 10x Rule teaches readers how to gain confidence, set goals, and achieve unprecedented success.


  • Written by an entrepreneur, international sales expert, and bestselling author.
  • Includes clear instruction and useful tips that can be incorporated into your everyday life.
  • A self-help book that is actually helpful!


  • None. This is a good book.


Review of The 10x Rule

Author Grant Cardone refers to The 10x Rule as the "Holy Grail" for people who want to succeed. The book preaches the essentials of success - the ability to set goals, the courage to try, the elimination of procrastination, and the need to work to achieve.

The 10x Rule also touches on the most common mistakes that people make in life and in business -mistargeting goals and underestimating the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve success.

More than anything, The 10x Rule emphasizes the need to adjust your way of thinking. It encourages readers to dream big and then work hard to complete goals. Listen to the first chapter of The 10x Rule.

Who Is This Book For?

The 10x Rule is a great book for business students, entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone else in the business world, but it can work for anyone.

The content and advice offered through the book can be applied to any life situation - whether you want to lose 20 pounds, learn to speak a foreign language, or find a compatible roommate or lover.

If you think that you can be motivated and inspired by a "self-help" book, consider picking up a copy (or giving away a copy) of The 10x Rule. It is well-written and a good reminder of the value of goal setting and hard work.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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