'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' Quotes

Mark Twain's Famous & Controversial Classic

Mark Twain paid Ulysses S. Grant to write his memoirs.
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Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885), is the famous tale of Huckleberry Finn, who journeys down the Mississippi River with a self-liberated formerly enslaved man, Jim. The wit and wisdom of Mark Twain shines through in this novel. Here are a few famous quotations from the novel:

"There was things which he stretched, but mainly he told the truth."
"The average man don't like trouble and danger."
"The pitifulest thing out is a mob; that's what an army is--a mob; they don't fight with courage that's born in them, but with courage that's borrowed from their mass, and from their officers. But a mob without any MAN at the head of it is BENEATH pitifulness."
"Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash I never see it freshen up things so, and sound so honest and bully."
"All I say is, kings is kings, and you got to make allowances. Take them all around, they're a mighty ornery lot. It's the way they're raised."
"It's lovely to live on a raft. We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made or only just happened."
"We said there warn't no home like a raft, after all. Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don't. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft."
"Pray for me! I reckoned if she knowed me she'd take a job that was more nearer her size. But I bet she done it, just the same--she was just that kind. She had the grit to pray for Judus if she took the notion--there warn't no back-down to her, I judge."
"I hain't ever seen her since that time that I see her go out of that door; no, I hain't ever seen her since, but I reckon I've thought of her a many and a many a million times, and of her saying she would pray for me; and if ever I'd a thought it would do any good for me to pray for HER, blamed if I wouldn't a done it or bust."
"Then away out in the woods I heard that kind of a sound that a ghost makes when it wants to tell about something that's on its mind and can't make itself understood, and so can't rest easy in its grave, and has to go about that way every night grieving."
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