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The American Academy offers over 230 online courses for high school students. Students enrolled in The American Academy can complete individual courses or work towards an accredited diploma. Courses are self-paced and have a generous 6-month completion deadline, giving students the flexibility to set their own schedules.


The American Academy is accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, a regional accrediting agency.

Degrees and Programs

The American Academy offers online courses and high school diploma programs to students of any age. In addition to traditional diplomas, they provide the Dropout Recovery Program designed to help former students complete a high school diploma from their local school districts. Homeschool students can also take a la carte courses, enroll in a math/science bundle, or work towards a diploma.


The American Academy offers open enrollment to all students. Classes start on Monday every week. Typically, each credit requires approximately 120 hours of work. Students can select courses through a shopping cart system, making it easy to tailor the curriculum to individual needs.

Interesting Fact

Students enrolled in The American Academy receive 50 minutes of one-on-one tutoring time from licensed professionals. Additional tutoring time may be purchased.

Contact Information

Phone: 866-689-1932
Address: 175 S. Main, Suite 1130
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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