What is BabyFirstTV?

This is a logo for BabyFirstTV.
Theo's Little Bot/Wikimedia Commons/Fair use

The BabyFirstTV channel provides programming created specifically for babies and toddlers, ages 6 months to 3 years, with no commercials, no violence, no inappropriate content, and no over-sensory stimulants. 80 percent of the programming content - over 40 programs in all - is originally created by a group of authorities in child psychology and development, early childhood education and children’s programming.

The channel also features content from several baby DVD brands - Brainy Baby, First Impressions, So Smart, and Baby Songs – and the company has an agreement with Sterling Publishing to incorporate many children’s books into the “Story Time” program. BabyFirstTV strives to provide educational content designed to enhance baby’s development, and the channel also provides tips and ideas for parents.

BabyFirstTV Color-Coded Educational Content

The BabyFirst flower logo changes color so that parents can determine the educational content of the current show:

The content is designed to offer elements that appeal to babies and toddlers of all ages simultaneously, so children at different levels can learn from the same programming. Daytime programming focuses on delighting and stimulating babies, while evening programming features content that is soothing and calming.

BabyFirstTV for Parents

BabyFirst is designed to be an interactive co-viewing experience for both babies and parents.

Tips for parents can be found in subtitles that appear throughout programming. Also, beginning Summer 2006, BabyFirst will offer programming geared to parents with tips and advice on a variety of subjects such as nutrition and safety. The programming will run in 15-minute segments.

  • Yellow Flower - Thinking Journey (creative thinking): Engages children in identifying patterns of thinking and developing creative ways of viewing the world.
  • Blue Flower - Numbers Parade (math): Introduces children to the concepts of numbers and counting in different settings and situations.
  • Green Flower - Sensory Wonderland (sensory): Develops children’s ability to identify the five senses in the world around them.
  • Red Flower - Language Playground (language) : Encourages children to develop language through introduction to words, signs, and languages from around the world.
  • Orange Flower - Feelings Garden (social skills): Exposes children to basic social skills and how to relate to others.
  • Pink Flower - Imagination Lane (creative play): Inspires creativity through cultural and multi-sensory experiences for children, including music and art.
  • Multi-Colored Flower - Rainbow Dreams (soothing lullabies): Showcases a rainbow of programs, lullaby music and soothing images for children for evening or nap time.
  • *For information on specific shows, see the BabyFirstTV website.