The 25 Best CollegeHumor Videos

These comedy sketches will school you.

CollegeHumor is one of the most well-respected names in the online humor industry. It also serves as an excellent and chilling reminder to people like me, who have been out of college for some time now, that we should grow the hell up and stop giggling at their juvenile antics. But enough about my problems - let's talk about your problem. The problem where you need to know what the 25 best original CollegeHumor videos are. Oh, look, I've conveniently listed them for you.

Michelle Obama CollegeHumor Video
Via YouTube/CollegeHumor.

Just in case you forgot how utterly cool First Lady Michelle Obama is, take a look at her rapping alongside SNL's Jay Pharoah in this funny CollegeHumor video! This video is designed with one purpose: To encourage teens to get a college education so you can be as cool as Michelle someday. I don't know about you, but I'm convinced! More »

Stranger Things parody
Via CollegeHumor.

In 2016 the internet was chattering about Stranger Things, a hot new Netflix show set in the early 1980s. In this CollegeHumor sketch, the CH castmates dress up as the Stranger Things kids, but they have some questions about exactly in what year all these pop culture references actually took place.  More »

Rita Wilson CollegeHumor video
Via CollegeHumor.

This one is for the ladies! Rita Wilson plays Anita Taiton, a "pose coach" for the Hollywood elite. Before Anita came around, celebrities were facing walls on the red carpet; she taught them how to shine. Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian co-star as two of her best clients, because if there's one thing the Kardashians know how to do, it's Photoshop their, er, pose for pictures. More »

CollegeHumor rape sketch
Via CollegeHumor.

CollegeHumor gets (sort of) deep with this funny yet socially responsible sketch about rape. In it, a bunch of guys are terrorized by a bear who's hanging around outside their man cave, waiting for his chance to pounce on one of them.

There are lots of funny yet ironic lines here, like, "He says things like 'Bears will be bears!,' 'But you know, it’s not going to eat all of us, it’s only going to eat like one in five' and 'What happened between you guys and the bear is none of my business.'" More »

The internet is a great place to go for a lot of things - cats, porn, sports scores, top 25 lists - but it's not a great place to go for business training. That includes University of Phoenix Online business classes, and it especially includes your average comments section. More »

With more high school graduates than ever attending college, that means one thing - more high school graduates attending crappy colleges. If you're one of the lucky folks enrolled at one of these not-quite-fine institutions, this fake advertisement can remind you that there's little pleasures to be found even in the most dismal academic experiences. More »
social anxiety video CollegeHumor
Via CollegeHumor.

This video imagines what it would be like if your social anxiety was an actual person who followed you around, reminding you of all the awkward things you're doing. Anyone who's ever felt remotely nervous in social settings (so basically all of us) will understand this one!

"No, no, no! Stop bringing up your sad shingles story!" More »

Witness the drama as the daughter of l33t parents brings home a boyfriend who is an obvious n00b. It's like Romeo and Juliet, just much shorter and with more references to World of Warcraft. More »

Sure, everybody's always talking about how the Matrix is oppressive and robs humans of their right to shape the world around them. But how about its numerous spyware infections, memory leaking and unstable coding? You thought the machines would make a better OS than Microsoft? More »

You know what's really scary about this sketch, which revolves around a college professor who simply recites any nonsense printed on Wikipedia? This is about as stupid as half of us actually sounded to our professors when we were in college. How retroactively embarrassing. More »

Let's be adults about it. There's no need to couch our seductive love songs in flowery metaphors and transparent euphemisms. Tonight, let's get clinical. More »
Anyone's freedom fighter is someone else's terrorist, as represented in this discussion between Stormtroopers about the destruction of the Death Star and the thousands of resulting Imperial deaths. Loosely based on a conversation from Kevin Smith's Clerks. More »
In all the literature and art inspired by "Bro" culture (currently limited to Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell), there has never been a worthy depiction of the high drama and creative energy involved in a night of beer pong and trying to get laid. With a little help from Queen, College Humor pulls it off. More »
Oh, sure, giving fonts personalities and having them hold important policy meetings seems like an obvious idea. But you didn't do it. They did. And they did a damn good job. You'll never believe which font saves the day in the end. More »
If sex was like it is in the movies, it'd never be awkward. But you'd also only be allowed to thrust like three times consecutively to avoid an NC-17, and afterwards when you're lying there the woman has to put the blanket over her chest. Anyway, this video takes the worst of both worlds and ably demonstrates why maybe sex in movies shouldn't be realistic. More »
Let's face the facts: Actually learning how to play a musical instrument for the creative thrill or technical challenge is totally nerdy. You might as well be doing math or something, dork. Learn just enough guitar to get what you really want out of your music career with the help of his instructional video. More »
What happens if you take the concept of Twitter and apply to the real world? You become a cross between a derelict homeless person and a bluetooth headset wearer. Which I guess is already a pretty fine line, if you think about it. More »

Two Girls One Cup was an absolute shock sensation, an internet juggernaut, the scatological equivalent of Rebecca Black's "Friday". But did we ever stop to think, just who were those ladies, doing the pooping and vomiting and such? Exactly how does one come to this point? Suddenly and reluctantly, if this account is to be believed. More »

High Times is a magazine. Like, not a newsletter, but a glossy magazine that sells for money and has advertisers and stuff. So, you see, people work for High Times. Their job is to write about weed, and presumably research (smoke) weed, and get big weed industry scoops. Doesn't that sound silly? Yes, it does. More »

So, you think you've seen every conceivable "sexy" Halloween costume? Well, you're wrong - unless you've been to Nick's Girls Costume Warehouse. He's got sexy everything, and he swears a lot, which is always fun. More »

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A rap song about awkward moments, performed by three geeky white guys, which is in and of itself awkward. It's like a Russian nesting doll of awkwardness. Highly relatable. More »
The Office of National Drug Control Policy's advertising strategies might not keep kids off drugs very well, but they sure do create a lot of opportunities for parodies! I mean, a dog lecturing his owner about smoking weed? We're supposed to not find that hilarious? Come on, ONDCP, don't you know how high we are right now? More »
No, not the secret that he obviously wanted to be a Broadway star and therefore loads up all his shows with excuses to sing in various goofy voices. This is a secret even more obvious: his shows have tended to follow a certain formula. With the success he's had so far, why not a few dozen more MacFarlane masterpieces in the Fox lineup? More »
What if all those Google street view shots were taken by the same two guys? And what if those guys were made out of gray blobs? And what if one of the guys didn't do anything but annoy the guy who was driving? Then you'd have this really inexplicably adorable animation. More »

We can all agree that vampires and werewolves and such are all insanely sexy. But can those supernatural beings compete with the supernatural powers of the legendary Three Wolf Moon T-shirt? This trailer is great, although it could use some more wolves in the title cards.

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