The Best Funny Memes of 2014

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What a year! Here are the funniest new memes of 2014.

Via Mashable.

Kim K's Greasy Booty

When Kim Kardashian tried to "break the internet" by posing nude in Paper magazine, the internet responded by breaking her spirit. Okay, not really, but wouldn't that have been awesome?

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Sad Kanye

Via Reddit.

Speaking of everybody's favorite power couple, the Sad Kanye meme is one of the most memorable memes to come out of the year 2014.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Pajama Kid

When this kid's mom mixed up picture day with pajama day, he was not impressed.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Running Shirtless Leo

Few celebrities have been meme'd as much as Leonardo DiCaprio. First there was "Strutting Leo," then "Poor Leo," and then the DiCaprio meme to beat them all, "Leonardo DiCaprio Running Shirtless with a Watergun.  Click here to see some of the best examples of this epic meme.

Not to be outdone, Leo went on to further web stardom with his "Sad Leo at the Oscars" meme.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Ashley Wagner

Courtesy: Associated Press.

Early in 2014, United States figure skater Ashley Wagner's priceless (AKA pissed off) reaction face gave us the first meme of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Scar-Jo Falling Down

Scarlett Johannson Falling Down Meme Thriller. Imgur

Can't a famous actress take a tumble on a NYC sidewalk without it becoming an hilarious new meme?  NOPE.


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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Business Baby

Via Reddit.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Pharrell's Hat

Courtesy: @Arbys on Twitter.

During the 2014 Grammy Awards, performer Pharrell Williams wowed the crowd with what can only be described as a big-ass hat. The hat earned comparisons to Smokey The Bear and Arby's, and before Pharrell had even set foot on stage, the memes were already hitting Twitter.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: The Polar Vortex

Winter is always cold in some parts of the world, but winter 2014 was freeze-your-face-off cold.  Here are the memes to prove it.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Sexy Mugshot Guy

Via Know Your Meme.

In June, the Stockton Police Department Facebook page posted a picture of Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who also happened to be super, super handsome. The internet went nuts, and soon #FelonCrushFriday was trending online as people tweeted pics of "hot" criminals.

Next thing you know, Meeks has been signed to a modeling contract and has agreed to perform in a couple of pornos.  Oh, Internet. Don't ever change.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Kim Jong-Un

Via Reddit.

When North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un visited a lube factory (yes, you read that right), the internet had a field day!  Soon there were Photoshop Battles to churn out memes galore.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: None Of My Business

Via Reddit.

2014 was the year that Kermit the Frog went full-on passive aggressive.  The "But that's none of my business" meme shows Kermit sipping his tea while snarkily commenting on injustice.  Any injustice will do.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Alex From Target

Via Twitter.

In November, tween girls fell over themselves in ecstasy when someone uploaded an image of a cute teenage boy named Alex, who was working as a cashier at Target. #AlexFromTarget immediately went viral, plunging the poor kid into instant internet stardom.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Luis Suarez at the World Cup

Luis Suarez bite meme
Via Mashable.

During the World Cup soccer tournament, Uruguayan player Luis Suarez bit, yes bit, Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.  Naturally, the internet had something to say about this act of weirdness in the sports world.

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The Funniest New Memes of 2014: Apparently Kid

Via @TheEllenShow.

This was the year that the internet made Noah Ritter, the "Apparently Kid," a star

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