The Best iPhone Apps for the SAT

The Best iPhone Apps You Can't Afford Not to Download

*This information refers to the current SAT which will be in use until January 2016. To see information related to the Redesigned SAT, which will be administered in March 2016, see here!* 

I'm all about making things easy, and when it comes to studying for the SAT, you just can't get any easier than downloading the best iPhone apps for the SAT.

Below are the best iPhone apps for the SAT, listed in random order. If you have a few iPhone apps for the SAT or another standardized test not listed below, then by all means, post them here!

5 Free SAT Apps Worth the Download

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The iPhone app is unlike any other SAT study app I've seen. It's truly adaptable. For instance - if you answer a question incorrectly about quadrilaterals, the software makes note of it, and offers you further instruction on that concept while assembling more of those types of questions for you to work on. It also offers hand-written explanations of the theory behind the correct answer and tutorials with question-answering strategies. Amazing. Just check out the demo - you'll see!

Bonus? Jody Steinglass, the developer behind Adapster plans to "transform the role of technology in education" by tailoring instruction toward the unique needs of every student in classrooms across the country. Now that's an iPhone application with heart. More »

Need vocab help? You can't master the SAT Writing or Critical Reading section without knowing some extensive vocabulary, and this iPhone app measures a user's knowledge of 250 popularly used SAT words. With four different timed games, it tests your knowledge of vocabulary words' positive or negative connotations, synonyms, antonyms and definitions.

Bonus? You can select answers by touching the screen or shaking your phone, which is also helpful for getting rid of those pre-SAT jitters. More »

Need even more vocab help? Here's an iPhone app that quizzes you on 500 SAT words you should master before the test. The app is called "Flashcubes" for a reason. Whereas you may regularly study with 2D vocabulary flashcards in school, this app features 3D cubes with vocabulary words' synonyms, definitions, parts of speech, and the word in a sentence on different sides. 3D is definitely cooler than 2D. Just ask Super Mario.

Bonus? Not only can you choose to study in self-study mode or multiple-choice quiz mode, you can create your own study lists, in case you can't master words starting with the letter P or something. More »

Enough already with the vocabulary help, right? Wrong. This app, written by professional exam coaches and certified teachers, is chock full of 1000 vocabulary words you gotta know for the SAT. The cards include synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, parts of speech, and sample sentences for each vocabulary word. You can't get all that from the dictionary. Well, I guess you can, but it isn't as cool.

Bonus? Save the app for when you're studying for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT or any other standardized test. The vocabulary words listed in this app incorporate the most frequent words for all the major standardized tests. More »

Who's DeRosa? An SAT tutor who designed this SAT Math section iPhone app. And his app is good, too. First, the flashcards on the app are always changing, which means you truly learn the math concept, rather than just memorizing the answers to questions. With the 500 different question types and 2,600 different question combinations, the SAT math section should be a cinch.

Bonus? The app offers follow-up questions in a traditional format and an email support team. How's that for one-stop shopping? More »

Ol' Kaplan is at it again. This iPhone app for the SAT covers the entire test, from an overview of the section components, to strategies for each section – Critical Reading, Writing, and Math – to practice questions with explanations and answers.

Bonus? Since it's from Kaplan, you know their experts have thoroughly reviewed the materials. Also, it's a lot easier to download this iPhone app than to stuff a ginormous test prep book into your backpack. More »

Sure, it's one thing to practice SAT math questions, but it's entirely another to know what the heck you're doing in the first place. This iPhone app helps you get there with a comprehensive list of the most popular math formulas used on standardized tests.

Bonus? It's a free download. Second bonus? A high school student created this app. And you thought you were smart. More »

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