16 of the Best Language and Translation Apps

So, you have a language requirement for graduation. The funny thing is, you can't learn Spanish to save your life. For some reason, you're struggling! If only there were a way for you to learn a language on the go. Oh, wait. There is! Behold the following sixteen language and translation apps. They're perfect when you want to master Chinese, English and Spanish, and the four translator apps are undeniably efficient for helping you with a language when you don't feel like mastering much of anything.  

4 Apps To Learn Spanish


"No hablo Español" can be a thing of the past with these four apps. Did you know that more than 37.6 million people speak Spanish in their homes in the United States? That's a number that will only continue to go up as the Spanish population burgeons in the next fifty years. Why not give yourself a chance to talk to some to some of these people? And for those of you who have chosen to take Spanish as your second language in high school, then you don't really have a choice, do you? Download an app or two and give yourself a leg up on your next midterm or final.

4 Apps to Learn English

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 If you're reading this, chances are good you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the English language. But, perhaps the students you teach do not. Or perhaps you'd like to pass on the information found here to the new guy at work who seems to struggle with the language. Or perhaps you're interested in attending a university in the United States and you'd like to become fluent in the English language. In any situation, here are some great apps to help you learn the language like a native English speaker. 

4 Translator Apps When You're Feeling Lazy

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Sure. You could learn the language. But why, when there are just so many good translator apps on the market? I mean, it's one thing to learn French, but quite another to be fluent in every language with the touch of a button, right? Whether or not you're interested in learning a language is, of course, your business, but just try getting from Kyoto to Tokyo without a speck of Japanese. Nearly impossible. That is, of course, until these translator apps landed on the market and allowed you the freedom of wandering the globe without ever having picked up a language textbook. Brilliant!

What's Your Favorite Study App?

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