The Best White Noise Apps for Students

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When you're studying in a busy coffee shop or dorm room or a household full of screeching children/roommates/family members/friends, it's helpful to have a way to drown everyone on the planet out, for goodness sake.

Sometimes, losing focus isn't about what you're doing; it's about what everyone else around you is doing. Eating noisily. Yammering away mercilessly on their phones. Coughing in an annoying, repetitive pattern every 28 seconds (not that you're counting).

White noise apps are your key to maintaining laser-like focus so you can study quietly in a world that is never quite quiet enough. 

White Noise

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Price: Free.

Description: Amazon Jungle. Thunderstorm. Camp Fire. Rain on Car Roof. Brown Noise. Tibetan Singing Bowl. Heartbeat. Crowded Room. Air Conditioner. Chimes. You get the point. No matter which particular brand of white noise floats your particular boat, this app has it in droves. Create mixes of two or three sounds. Create playlists. Set a sleep timer with big, low-light numbers in case your eyelids are heavier than your books.

Why buy? Ratings, people. Ratings. This app gets five stars. And not "four stars with the fifth star kinda half shaded in." Five completely filled-in stars. The reviews are not bogus, either. People love this app. People are sleeping beautifully with this white noise app, studying for hours and leaving reviews like this: "I LOVE this app. I use it every day to sleep with my Bluetooth speaker and pop the earbuds in to study, too. This is by far my most used app."

Download to give yourself a leg up on your next midterm or final.

Relax Melodies: Sleep, Zen Sounds & White noise

Maker: iLBSoft

Price: Free

Description: With over 50 different unique sounds, including four brainwave beats and two binaural beats for brainwave entertainment, this app has your white noise covered. Mix up to 10 sounds to create a unique white noise experience and create playlists of your favorites, too. This app comes with an alarm too, so you can time yourself to study in 45-minute increments with 5-minute breaks for the SAT or ACT

Why buy? This app was featured in Amazon's Best Apps of 2012, People Magazine, Health Magazine, Mashable and a bunch of others. And like "White Noise" above, Relax Melodies gets a full five stars from the people using it most. It's a must!! 

Sleep Bug: White Noise Soundscapes

Maker: Arnt-Henning Moberg

Price: Free with an in-app purchase of $1.99 for the full version

Description: If variety is your thing, then this white noise app may be your pick! With over 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds, you could skip studying altogether in favor of spending six hours customizing the very best white noise playlist for yourself. Or, just choose a few and go with them! There are no ads — even in the free version — and like the previous two on this list, this app has a gentle alarm to remind you to get up and stretch or start your next subject.

Why buy? The full version offers you playlists like Horror with ghosts, screaming, and chains along with Sci-fi, Outback, Winter and a bunch of others you may never have believed would be perfect fits for your study experience.

White Noise Ambience

Maker: Logicworks

Price: $1.99

Description: Yes, this one costs $1.99, but it's still a great download when you want to block out noise for studying. There are 78 high-quality sounds, 78 images, and a digital clock with various colors and brightness controls so you don't have to be kept awake all night by the screen.

Why buy? This app has a full five stars from all reviewers and has been featured in The New York Times, CBS News, the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and more. It's called "The Nap App" but don't let that fool you into thinking this bad boy is just for catching some winks.

Turn on noise mixes like Fireplace, Dog Panting, Kettle, Bacon Frying, Lawnmower, Vinyl Record, Boiling Mud and all sorts of other ambient mixes to maximize your study session.

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