The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

Jacob Young. Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc./Gilles Toucas

January 26-39, 2015

  • Rick’s temper gets the best of him. 
  • Maya fears that her relationship will be railroaded.
  • Caroline is given a good reason to move on with her life. 
  • Brooke learns all that happened during her absence. 
  • Bill has bittersweet news to deliver.


January 19-23, 2015

  • Spencer Publications undergoes a change of management.
  • A long lost relative arrives in Los Angeles.
  • Maya gains a new enemy.
  • Rick’s bad behavior is challenged.
  • Bill shows his softer side to win over Katie.


January 12-16, 2015

  • Rick’s transparency is a hot topic.
  • Ridge past with women is thrown in his face.
  • Maya questions the validity of her relationship. 
  • Caroline contemplates giving up on her marriage. 
  • Tensions at Forrester Creations worsen.

January 5 -- 9, 2015    

  • Forrester Creations is the midst of major turmoil.
  • Ivy defends her family and her friendships.
  • Carter puts his legal experience into action to assist Ridge and Eric.
  • Caroline refuses to give up on her marriage.
  • Rick makes himself at home at the Forrester Mansion.

December 29 -- January 2   

  • Rick expedites his plan.
  • Wyatt questions Liam about Hope.
  • Eric must make a crucial decision about family and business.
  • Caroline has a confession about her marriage.
  • Love is in the air as the New Year approaches.

December 22 - 26, 2014 

  • Ivy must choose between family and integrity.
  • Caroline attempts to get her marriage back on track.
  • John helps Pam get through the holidays.
  • Rick and Maya's plan is in jeopardy.
  • The Forresters participate in a tradition instilled by a loved one.  


December 15-19, 2014

  • Maya receives a lavish gift. 
  • Deacon chivalrously takes a stand in Quinn’s honor. 
  • Rick’s deceitful actions take aim at Eric. 
  • Bill makes a heartfelt request of Katie. 
  • Ridge’s feelings for Caroline are examined.

December 8-12, 2014   

  • Quinn's plan drastically backfires.
  • Liam is determined to protect Hope.
  • Wyatt severs ties with his past to make way for his future.
  • Deacon's relationships are put to the test.
  • Feuding family members set aside their differences for a loved one. 

December 1-5, 2014

  • Deacon has a stern, but loving, warning for Quinn.
  • Ivy makes a selfless declaration.
  • Hope is the guest of honor at a baby shower.
  • Bill convinces Wyatt to take extreme measures to preserve his family.
  • Liam takes on the role of "protector".

November 24-28  

  • Rick makes a decision about his marriage.
  • Maya's inflated ego becomes an annoyance to those around her.
  • Katie confronts Ridge about their future.
  • Bill is on the receiving end of unexpected gratitude.
  • Caroline attempts to sort out her feelings.

November 17-21, 2014

  • Liam and Ivy's last night in Amsterdam is filled with romance.
  • Hope insists on abruptly ending her and Wyatt's trip.
  • Forrester Creations hires a new lead model.
  • Katie has unsettling news for Bill.
  • Rick and Caroline's marital problems become an issue during a fashion show.


November 10-14, 2014 

  • Forrester Creations gains a new model. 
  • Wyatt schemes to ensure that what’s his, stays his. 
  • Ivy gives relationship advice to Hope. 
  • Quinn asks Bill to help her with a plan. 
  • Amsterdam is the backdrop to Forrester Creations’ latest photo shoot.

November 3-7, 2014 

  • Rick accepts a new position at Forrester Creations. 
  • Maya gloats at Caroline’s loss.
  • uinn is up to her old tricks again. 
  • Hope and Wyatt get to see their baby for the first time. 
  • Taylor checks up on the well-being of Aly.

October 27-31, 2014

  • Tensions rise regarding the announcement made at the Forrester Creations’ meeting. 
  • Hope shifts her allegiance from friends to family. 
  • Eric confronts Ridge about his intentions. 
  • Maya uses an opportune moment to go after her goal. 
  • Caroline learns the extent of damage done to her marriage.

October 20-24, 2014 

  • Ridge has an uncomfortable revelation. 
  • Deacon makes a shocking announcement. 
  • Hope puts her foot down regarding who is allowed to be a part of her child’s life. 
  • Caroline makes a crucial career decision. 
  • Maya is determined to win back Rick.

October 13-17, 2014

  • The position of power at Forrester Creations hangs in the balance. 
  • Caroline is confused about recent feelings that have cropped up. 
  • Aly confronts Hope about her marriage. 
  • Ridge’s motives are questioned.  
  • Quinn refuses to be ousted from her family’s lives.

October 6 -10, 2014

  • Quinn makes a serious threat against Hope.
  • Liam is forced to reveal his intentions towards Ivy.
  • Deacon makes a move on a new object of his desire. 
  • Rick learns a closely held secret. 
  • Katie begins to second guess her future. 

September 29-October 3, 2014 

  • Brooke makes a significant decision about her love life.
  • Quinn pays for her wrongdoings. 
  • Deacon’s main focus takes an unexpected turn. 
  • Katie gets the scare of a lifetime. 
  • Hope is ready to reveal her big secret to Wyatt.

September 22-26, 2014 

  • Hope’s personal life becomes much more complicated.
  • Wyatt attempts to extend an olive branch to Liam. 
  • Ivy confronts Quinn about Paris. 
  • Maya plans to play dirty to get what she wants. 
  • Ridge and Caroline’s collaboration fuels suspicions.

September 15-19, 2014

  • Quinn attempts to cover her tracks. 
  • Liam anticipates that recent developments will turn in his favor.
  • Hope contemplates starting a family with Wyatt.
  • Ivy believes that her window of opportunity has closed.
  • Bill is forced to defend his feelings regarding his sons.

September 8-12, 2014

  • Bill threatens to go to Wyatt regarding her confession.
  • Hope worries about Liam moving on so quickly. 
  • Maya sets out to get what she feels is rightfully hers.
  • Katie pressures Ridge to disclose his secret.
  • Caroline finds a greater purpose at Forrester Creations.

September 1-5, 2014

  • Brooke is blindsided by Deacon’s request.
  • Ridge regains his ability to draw, but it comes with a hitch.
  • Rick applies pressure on Katie to reveal a secret. 
  • Hope confronts Ivy about pursuing Liam. 
  • Quinn hopes to get Bill as an ally.

August 25-29

  • Hope is stunned when she learns from Liam the truth about Paris. 
  • Brooke shows Bill that there are consequences to every action. 
  • Deacon jumps when an opportunity presents itself. 
  • Quinn gives Hope and Wyatt a special wedding gift.
  • Ivy attempts to help a friend get over a heart break.

August 18-22

  • Quinn and Deacon join forces to accomplish a mutual goal. 
  • Ridge’s secret falls into the wrong hands. 
  • Liam contemplates telling Hope the truth. 
  • Bill’s persistence and charm finally gets him what he wants. 
  • Aly and Ivy team up to right a wrong.


August 11 - 15     

  • Liam finds himself in a tricky predicament.
  • Quinn is up to her old tricks to ensure happiness for Wyatt.
  • Bill makes an attempt to win Brooke back.
  • Ivy feels immense guilt for her part in a botched plan.
  • Monte Carlo is the setting for a romantic interlude.

August 4-August 8

  • Wyatt wonders the extent Quinn would go to for his happiness. 
  • Brooke is confused about her feelings. 
  • Hope and Wyatt plan a trip to Paris for Hope for the Future. 
  • Liam ponders the direction of his future. 
  • Aly and Ivy attempt to play matchmaker for a couple on the rocks.

July 28-August 1

  • Ridge asks Brooke for a significant favor. 
  • Ivy gets to know her coworkers much better. 
  • Liam is suspicious of Wyatt’s motives. 
  • Bill attempts to explain his actions. 
  • Deacon goes after what he wants.

July 21-25, 2014

  • Justin becomes collateral damage in a scheme gone wrong.
  • Deacon finds a way to get back on Brooke's good side.
  • Bill pressures Brooke to get married immediately.
  • Katie makes a heartfelt confession about an ex.
  • Ridge will do whatever it takes to prove he is right.

July 14-18, 2014

  • Forrester Creations hires a replacement for Quinn.
  •  Fate comes knocking at Wyatt’s door.
  • Carter gets hot under the collar when he learns about Maya’s recent antics.
  • Oliver comes clean with Aly. Bill and Justin fear that Ridge is onto them.

July 7-11, 2014

  • Adversaries bond over a close call with death. 
  • Wyatt puts Quinn on notice regarding her outrageous antics. 
  • Ridge returns to Forrester Creations a changed man. 
  • Liam takes matters into his own hands to prevent history from repeating itself. 
  • Maya is a ticking time bomb with her incriminating evidence against Oliver.

June 30-July 4, 2014: 

  • Aly and Oliver go on a medieval adventure. 
  • Maya finds herself in hot water with Caroline.
  • Quinn’s latest scheme is so scary that even Deacon gets worried! 
  • Rick finds himself torn between business and family. 
  • Liam is given reason to fear for his safety.


June 23-27, 2014:

  • Bill gives Quinn sound advice about her current predicament.
  • Thorne confronts Oliver about his intentions towards Aly.
  • Ridge makes a decision about the next steps to take in his life.
  • Deacon’s assistance is sought out by a proposed ally.
  • Maya’s recent behavior causes concern for many. 

June 16-20, 2014:

  • Quinn’s luck appears to change for the better. 
  • Wyatt and Liam attempt to find common ground. 
  • Brooke learns of Ridge’s fate.
  • Hope shares a reunion with an important person from her past.
  • Katie’s future plans take a turn in another direction.


June 9-13, 2014:   

  • Hope makes a final decision about which Spencer brother she wants to be with.
  • All fingers point towards Quinn as the cause of a series of unfortunate events.
  • Wyatt makes a one-last-ditch effort to keep what is most important to him.
  • Maya keeps a cautious watch over Oliver and Aly's budding relationship.
  • Eric has a change of heart that may have come too late. 


June 2-6, 2014:

  • An admission of guilt by a Spencer causes the fall of a Forrester.
  • Katie's happily ever after is drastically halted.
  • Relationships are tested as a family tries to cope with uncertain news.
  • A father and a fiancé prepare to join an urgent search.
  • Quinn tries to clean up a mess she has made for Wyatt.

May 26-30:

  • Quinn adds something unexpected in her jewelry designs for Ridge.
  • Ridge receives the ammunition he needs and makes a bold decision.
  • Beautiful Abu Dhabi becomes the backdrop for an evolving love story.
  • A shocking selfie threatens to ruin many relationships.
  • An uninvited guests' demands puts a damper on a romantic moment.

May 12-16:

  • Oliver and Thorne interrupt a tense and emotional moment between Taylor and Aly.
  • Ridge warns Brooke about Bill, making his contempt of him abundantly clear.
  • Katie attempts to play peace maker in the midst of a complicated and difficult situation.
  • The game changes when Thorne agrees to an impassioned plea from Aly.
  • Bill and Ridge argue over Ridge's actions with Katie.

May 5-9:

  • Hope and Liam show off the new kitten they adopted from the animal shelter.
  • A surprise proposal of marriage is made and accepted.
  • Quinn offers Liam a unique and interesting proposition.
  • Bill revels in his current good fortune.
  • Katie delivers a shocking blow to Brooke.

April 28-30:

  • Now romantically invested, Aly agrees to Oliver's request about keeping a big secret.
  • Hope shares news with Wyatt that will shape the future of their relationship.
  • Quinn pays a surprise visit to Bill and makes her desires known loud and clear.
  • Hope recounts the momentous times she has spent with both Wyatt and Liam.
  • Liam surprises Hope with a visit from Bob Barker to help promote his animal awareness campaign.
  • Oliver confides in a friend about his romantic plans for Aly.

April 21-25:

  • A meddling mother intervenes to make sure that her son ends up winning the heart of his intended.
  • Aly and Oliver begin their romance by having fun in the pool at the Forrester Estate.
  • Carter questions the true motive behind Maya's recent "detective" work.
  • Liam makes Hope a proposition that will directly affect the future of their relationship.
  • Brooke confides in Rick about her plans to help Bill get his company back.

April 14-18:

  • Hope shares good news about her future with Liam and Wyatt.
  • Katie confronts Eric about his strategy to reunite Ridge and Brooke.
  • Liam hijacks Wyatt's plans in order to convey a message to Hope.
  • Brooke and Katie take their sibling rivalry to a heightened level.
  • Quinn becomes furious when she learns of Liam's recent stunt.

April 7-11:

  • Ridge turns down a lucrative offer in the name of love.
  • Aly confers with her deceased mother Darla about matters of the heart.
  • Once torn-apart, a couple reunites and makes passionate love.
  • Brooke delivers somber news to Katie.
  • Changes at Forrester Creations cause Eric to worry about possible negative repercussions from the press.

March 31 - April 4:

  • An unexpected suitor gives Aly her first kiss.
  • Tension rises when an unanticipated firing takes place at Forrester Creations.
  • Quinn eavesdrops on Bill and Brooke.
  • Brooke shares a secret with Eric that could severely affect the family business.
  • Ridge assures an insecure Katie of their future together.

March 24-28:

  • Wyatt proposes a new and more risqué line for Hope for the Future.
  • Thorne returns to Los Angeles at Eric's request to assist Aly.
  • Rick's anger at Ridge builds when he realizes the extent of his betrayal.
  • Donna offers Brooke comfort as she breaks down about her past, present and future.
  • Pam gives Liam current information about Hope and about past information about Aly.