'The Daily Show's' Greatest Hits

Classic Video Clips from 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'

Watch the best "Daily Show" video clips from recent years, including memorable "Daily Show" headlines, correspondent pieces, and other classic "Daily Show" videos.

John McCain's Acceptance Speech

Surely, the change John McCain wants to bring to Washington is different than the change George W. Bush wanted to bring.

John McCain: Reformed Maverick

"The Daily Show" show presents John McCain's bio film, which shows him through the wild years up to abandoning everything he's always stood for.

Barack Obama Mockumentary

The earthly son of a goat herder and an anthropologist, one man seems ready enough-ish to lead.

Sarah Palin Gender Card

Jon Stewart says we should not even be talking about Sarah Palin because it's sexist.

Stephen Colbert's Presidential Announcement

During a special appearance on "The Daily Show," Stephen Colbert pre-announces his bid to run for President in South Carolina.

Childrens Do Learn

President Bush makes a statement that Jon Stewart couldn't make funnier even if he took it out of context.

Hillary's Laugh Track

Hillary Clinton manages to emit creepy delayed laughter on all five morning shows.

Is That Really Necessary?

Jon Stewart offers some advice for John McCain on his attempt to appeal to the Christian Right, including a play from the master.

Bush: Loud and Clear

Jon Stewart assures Meta-President George W. Bush that he doesn't need to explain why he shows up for speeches.

Giuliani and 9/11 Tourette's

Rudy Giuliani speaks to the tragedy of 9/11 Tourette's Syndrome as he addresses the NRA.

Magical History Tour

President Bush explains why there may be a reason why people don't understand the Iraq war.

You Don't Know Dick - Safe

Why Dick Cheney needs man-sized safes for workaday business is unclear -- unless he's been hiding bodies.

You Don't Know Dick - Google Earth

Dick Cheney's residence appears on Google Earth only as an obscured mass of pixels.

You Don't Know Dick - Logo

"Top Secret" and "Classified" weren't appropriately Blofeldian.

Dance Dance Resolution

Republicans argued that the Iraq resolution is both meaningless and meaningful.

Dick Cheney's Daughter

Mary Cheney's child is not a political prop. That is strictly limited to everyone else's children.

Ready for a Woman President?

Samantha Bee asks if we're ready for a woman president in an amusing spoof of "Sex and the City."

Bush vs. Bush Debate

Jon Stewart moderates a hilarious debate between present day Bush and first term Bush.

How to Date a Republican

Jason Jones uses a conservative online dating service to find his perfect mate.

Apocalypse Now?

"The Daily Show" takes a hilarious look at Armageddon "news" coverage.

Bush Boogie

If the troop surge fails, Bush has a Plan B and it involves hand motions.

MC Rove

Karl Rove's performance at the Correspondents' Dinner inspires Jon to drop his own lyrics.

Barney's Holiday Extravaganza

If the White House's Christmas video is any indication, even Barney the dog is starting to wake up and smell the Snausages.

10 F#@king Years - Even Stevphen

The Daily Show presents classic highlights from "Even Stephen," looking back at the contentious discourse between former correspondents Steven Carell and Stephen Colbert.

Rob Corddry Farewell

Rob Corddry takes a look back at his four years on "The Daily Show," and goes out on a poop joke.

The War on Christmas

Yuletide War correspondents John Oliver and Rob Riggle report on the end of the War on Christmas.

Farewell to the 109th Congress

When a Senator leaves the Capitol, he does so with one last bittersweet act of vandalism.

Foley Erect

Mark Foley reacts to his sick actions three years later and speaks out against pedophiles.

Indecision 2006 - Macaca

George Allen wants to run a positive campaign that includes calling his opponent's campaign workers racist names.

Joe Liberman: No-Mentum

The real Democratic primary story was not the unblinking, yet gleeful winner, but the sore loserman, if you will.

Punctuation Punditry

Fox has figured out that by simply putting a question mark at the end of something, you can say f**king anything.

Douchebag of Liberty: Robert Novak

Hypocrite and journalist Robert Novak demands that CBS verify the source of the leaked documents even though he still refuses to verify his sources.

Desperate Soundbites

There comes a point in every president's career when he has to reassure the people that he isn't the thing everybody thinks that he is.

'An Inconvenient Truth': Some Like It Hot

The title of the documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," plays on moviegoers' love of reality and inconvenience.

Spoof on 'An Inconvenient Truth'

Jason Jones investigates the opposing viewpoint to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

The Decider

Inspired by President Bush's declaration that he's "The Decider," "The Daily Show" presents the action-packed adventures of "The Decider," featuring Bush as a comic book hero.

The Origin of The Decider

"The Daily Show" traces the origins of The Decider. We learn that he wasn't always so decisive.

Bush Talking Points 101

George W. Bush hears your concerns, but only the ones that make you look like a pussy.

Mess O'Potamia - Rumsfeld Doublespeak

Donald Rumsfeld briefs the press on the goings-on in Iraq, including his own personal, optimistic philosophy.

Rumsfeld's Threat

The war in Iraq isn't going well, so Donald Rumsfeld holds a press conference to take on Iran and Syria.

What Exactly Is President Bush's Job?

President Bush's job must make him so mad, because we're all so stupid.

Ted Stevens and Internet Tubes

Jon Stewart phones Senator Ted Stevens to find out how e-mail messages are sent and received.

10 F**ing Years - American Presidents

Presenting a comprehensive historical panorama of the The Daily Show's coverage of all U.S. presidents.

Bush's Five Stages of Grief

In dealing with Osama bin Laden, President Bush goes through the stages of grief: denial, anger, anger, anger, Hanukah, acceptance and denial.

War of the Words

Donald Rumsfeld contends that the insurgency's last throes could last 24 times as long as all the throes before it combined.

Cheney's Got A Gun

"The Daily Show" reports on Dick Cheney's shooting accident, in which Harry Whittington became the first man gunned down by a sitting vice president since Alexander Hamilton.

Jon Stewart on Hurricane Katrina

Jon compares the media's coverage of Hurricane Katrina to the vengeance of a fat drunk with a tire iron.

Hurricane Katrina: Meet the F**kers

Hurricane Katrina has introduced Americans to a new kind of public servant in crisis management -- let's meet two of these f**krs right now.

Hurricane Katrina: Beleaguered Bush

Ed Helms takes a look at the efforts to save our beloved and beleaguered president.

Laura Bush After Hours

"The Daily Show" covers Laura Bush's roasting of President Bush at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Bush's Hall of Shame

Samantha Bee examines President Bush's fake town hall meetings with strategist Frank Luntz, looking at the art of language manipulation and "spraying perfume on dog turd."

Great Moments in Punditry - Carlson and Carville

Children read from a transcript of James Carville and Tucker Carlson going at it on "Crossfire."

Jon Stewart Dubs Bob Novak 'Doubebag of Liberty'

Robert Novak is at it again, this time defending the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

George W. Bush Mockumentary: Words Speak Louder Than Actions

"The Daily Show" presents a mockumentary film about Bush's presidency and his war with words.

John Kerry Mockumentary: He's Not George W. Bush

John Kerry is the least objectionable alternative to George W. Bush that the Democrats could come up with.

Indecision 2004 - GOP Convention: Bush's Acceptance Speech

George Bush's acceptance speech lays out a vision of what he would do if he were president.

Indecision 2004 - GOP Convention: Seriously... September 11th

The most conservative Republican platform in years opens its convention with showtunes and then turns immediately to September 11th.

Indecision 2004 - GOP Convention: A Republican Kind of Town

Stephen Colbert interviews a wide array of New Yorkers to see why New York is actually the perfect place for the RNC.

Indecision 2004 - GOP Convention: Zell on Earth

Democratic Senator Zell Miller goes for the batsh*t crazy thing and challenges Chris Matthews to a duel.

Indecision 2004: Democratic Convention

Stephen Colbert is in the studio, Ed Helms reports from the floor, Rob Corddry shoots out of a rocket in the parking lot and Samantha Bee stands outside the media tent.

Mission Accomplished: 365 Days Later

One year ago, President Bush declared that major combat operations in Iraq were over and the U.S. had prevailed.

John Edwards Announces Presidential Candidacy on The Daily Show

If John Edwards becomes president and starts a war with another country, he'll announce that on the show too.

The Most Exclusive Howard Dean Interview

Howard Dean talks to extremely young viewers about the issues.

Desert Storm II: Actual Storm

Embedded reporter Rob Corddry reports from the middle of a sandstorm in Iraq, where the sky is orange and glass is in the forecast.

War Opinion

These are Steve Carell's opinions on the war in Iraq, one of which -- depending on when you're watching this -- he believes.

Strike on Iraq

Embedded correspondent Ed Helms shies away from conflict and joins P.H.E.D.

Fair, Balanced and Awesome!

As zero hour strikes, America's 24-hour news networks launch the kind of turds they usually launch.

Bush vs. Bush Debate

George W. Bush squares off with himself to discuss his feelings about nation building and the international American image.

The Daily Show Rock!

The Daily Show presents a brilliant parody of Schoolhouse Rock spoofing midterm elections.

September 11, 2001

There were no openings for a man in a fetal position under his desk, so Jon Stewart had to go back to work.

The George W. Bush Era Begins

Our long national nightmare is over and our new national nightmare is set to begin.

Indecision 2000 - Victory: Bush

Al Gore concedes the presidency to George W. Bush after the Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 for stopping the Florida recount.

Indecision 2000 - Usurp the Vote

Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris certifies the election results, giving the presidency to Governor George W. Bush.

Indecision 2000 - GOP Convention Highlights - Bush Tribute

A tribute film to Governor George W. Bush reveals that he likes to laugh and smile.

Indecision 2000 - GOP Convention Highlights: Excited Bush

The Rock registers to vote, while George W. Bush can't contain his excitement over being nominated as the Republican candidate for president.

Al Gore Mockumentary

Your heart will race. Your blood will pound. The U.S.-Egyptian partnership for economic development will bring you to your feet. Al Gore is -- the "Democratic Nominee."

George W. Bush Mockumentary: From Wealth to Riches

The Daily Show presents a tribute film to George W. Bush: a man who undercame many obstacles to go from abject wealth to the Republican nominee for president.
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