The Eighth House

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House of:

Pluto and Scorpio

Life Themes:

sexuality, secrets, taxes, inheritance, the occult, shadows of the psyche, emotional intensity, transformation, intuition, joint finances, death, healing

House of Regeneration:

The eighth house is one of hidden mysteries, the biggest of which is the final transformation, death. It's where you find intense emotional wells, the secrets of the soul that unfold over a lifetime.

Often we fear what lies in the eighth house, partly because of its power to end our old way of being. Compulsions, obsessions, primal entanglements -- these all require serious grappling with the core to untangle. The eighth house concerns those life issues that we're often at the mercy of, that feel fated, and therefore, hard to resolve.

It's the life area of sexuality, since merging with another is a kind of death. Orgasm is often called the little death because it's a surrender to the primal energies. The merging with another in the sex act, transforms us, and is a release of that energy at the core. In the eighth house, you'll find insight about how you go there with another, and its significance as part of your evolving life.

The eight house also deals with other kinds of merging, like finances. You discover how a partner's wealth adds to or undermines your own resources. Things like inheritance, of possessions or money, fall here, as well.

Traditionally, it's been called the house of sex, death and taxes. Symbolically, the later is the price to pay, just for a ride through this thing called life. Plutonian lessons are often like that, and defy explanation for why it's so, as a mystery to be lived (and accepted), not necessarily fully understood.

The eighth house involves the soul-level change we go through in a lifetime. Your many deaths of transformation, are colored by the sign on the cusp, and the planetary action here. Critical turning points in your life mark the old you, and the new you....and that's the kind of change this house represents.

What's dangerously unconscious plays out in the eighth house, and that can include power struggles with others. It's the life sphere of emotional-soul stability, and that takes courage. It comes from facing fears, like getting to the bottom of control issues. The healing comes from deep probing into the underlying currents that feed a personal demon, and being liberated from it.

This house is rich, being associated with the occult, which simply means what's hidden. It covers things like dark psychology, crime, bad karma, dirty tricks, revenge, jealousy, control. It's the house of the shadow's power, and the transformation of that rich complexity into the bedrock of our character.

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