The Ghost Thief

Deb has many experiences with the disappearing object phenomenon in her home

We moved into our house in 1992. I never felt anything out of the ordinary, and I still don't. But... there is "something" that lives here with my family and me. When things come up missing in certain rooms, all I do is walk into another room, sit down and calmly say, "Please put it back (whatever I am looking for) where it belongs." Sure enough, I'll go back into the room I was hunting in and there it will be, in plain sight!

For example, one day, when my children and I were ready to walk out the door to go to school, my daughter dropped her key chain that had a toy hanging from it. Needless to say, when she bent over to pick it up, it was gone! We all got on our hands and knees looking for it. It had literally vanished!

My daughter was very upset (she was only six at the time). After I got home from taking them to school, I picked up the rugs, swept the floor (it was in the kitchen where she had dropped it), moved the fridge out, etc.

I finally walked into the front room, sat down and said, "You have made a little girl very unhappy. Please give back her key chain." I got up and walked back into the kitchen and laying on one of the rugs that I had picked up and relaid was her key chain! All I could do was say, "Thank you!"

Things like this happen about six or seven times a year, depending on how "playful" it wants to be.

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