The Ghost Who Loved Me

When Anita experiments with a homemade Ouija board, she contacts a spirit that falls in love with her

This incident took place in March, 1977 in Washington, Pennsylvania and had to do with a makeshift Ouija board. My friend and I got a newspaper and drew the alphabet on it with a crayon and then found a round lid to a small jar and used that as a pointer. Sometimes I would just sit in the kitchen and mess with it on my own.

It always started with making circles all over the paper and then shift back and forth quickly. I would ask if anyone wanted to talk and seldom asked leading questions. Suddenly I met someone who called himself "Rik". "Roving Soul" was the name the board seemed to address me as, but Rik began referring to me as "a sweet, beautiful flower" and bestowed many more flowery compliments my way. I was taken aback as my current love, David, never spoke in such terms.

I talked to "Rik" almost every day and discovered he was a young man in India who had been stabbed and killed when he got into a king's harem. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he offered to "whisper in my boyfriend's ear and ask him to come and see me." Then he said an exact time: "Tomorrow, two minutes to midnight." I was so shocked I told my mother, but she was not surprised since my evasive boyfriend was sometimes a late visitor.

The next night, mom and I sat up watching television like we always did, and I watched anxiously as the hand on the clock approached 12.

Suddenly there was a knock on the basement door. It was two minutes to 12. Needless to say, it was David, and we spent that night in the basement apartment. Coincidentally, it was the night I conceived my daughter.

The next day I went back to the board and thanked Rik for his help and he quickly admitted that he did talk to David in his mind and was confused as why he did not appreciate someone so beautiful as me.

Not long after that, the board took a darker tone. Someone else began talking when Rik was on. Suddenly Rik would say he "had to go... the rope was getting short." This abrupt end of the contact happened a few times until the other person came through.

"I am Jasral." Then the lid stopped in the center of the board. "I am Rik's girlfriend." The next time she simply stated, "if you don't leave Rik alone, I am going to kill you." You can imagine the lid was going crazy over the worn crayon drawn letters and I was getting afraid. Then Rik came back on and said he was leaving and would not be back as he did not want me to be hurt.

I never got to talk to him again. I tried the board from time to time after that, but nothing so distinct ever came through and I quit. To this day I believe Rik was somehow a real spirit who saw a 24-year-old, lonely, in love woman and tried to help me. In the end he left so I wouldn't get hurt.

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